Archos AV300 Overclock FAQ

Orignally created 6/23/2003

What does Overclock mean?

  • Overclocking means running the CPU (DSP) at a higher frequency - all CPUs run at a set Frequency. For the AV300/AV100s the options are: 94.5, 99, and 108mhz (Standard, Overclock Yellow, Overclock Red).

What does the Overclock setting do?

  • This allows you to choose the frequency. The higher the frequency, the more power it uses (so you get shorter battery life), but the faster things will run:
    • Increased maximum video playback resolution (see the Video Res FAQ for details)
    • Increase the DVR video recording quality.
    • Decrease (improve) photo load time

What are the downsides to overclocking?

  • Higher overclocking will run your batteries down faster.
  • Higher overclocking generates more heat
  • If the CPU (DSP) gets too hot, it may shut down. You'll have to wait for it to cool off before turning it back on. (Speculation - I haven't seen it do this yet.)

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