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Your projects have photos, notes, and audio.? How are you keeping it all organized???


As one of the nation’s leading engineering and technology incubators, Innovation Park at...

hello experts! i need help on my tv panasonic tc-21fj20p vertical diode replacement. diode code...

Microsoft Teams
The biggest problem of being a cheapskate gamer is that by the time I get to a game, it's already...

No Removeable Disc Drive For My MP3 Player

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I just bought a Memorex MMP8500 mp3 player for my son. I installed the software, but it does not bring up a Removable Disc Drive for me to use for copying songs from Real Player. Any idea how I can get that RDD to come up?

-submitted by gmlarson 

Are CDs a Thing of the Past?

Archos AV300 Wishlist

Archos AV300 Video Resolution FAQ

Originally created 7/3/2003

What settings should I use with DivX5.x to encode video for the AV300?

  • If you are going for Maximum quality for TV-Out:
  1. Use the highest resolution the AV300 supports (see the offical and unoffical max resolutions in this faq)

    Archos AV400 & GMini400 Detailed Review

    Originally created 11/12/2004, last updated 12/9/04

    AV400 Out of the Box

    Archos AV300 Battery Life FAQ

    Originally created 11/19/2004

    My AV300 Battery Life Sucks. What can I do?



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