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Your projects have photos, notes, and audio.? How are you keeping it all organized???


As one of the nation’s leading engineering and technology incubators, Innovation Park at...

hello experts! i need help on my tv panasonic tc-21fj20p vertical diode replacement. diode code...

Microsoft Teams
What Internet browser do you use?  Internet Explorer?  If so, you're in the majority......

Make Remote Work From Home Happen Quickly

How well does your home network handle the stress of multiple devices and multiple family members all trying to stream high definition videos, participate in video conferencing, and play online games with friends simultaneously?

With an increasing number of businesses and schools worldwide moving to remote workplace and homeschooling situations due to the existing global pandemic, the urgent need to improve home network speeds and capabilities for things such as video conferencing with Microsoft Teams has become paramount. Having the right network hardware can help maximize the existing capabilities of your connected devices and subscribed services. If you find your existing setup is insufficient for the new load being placed upon it, consider upgrading your hardware to match!

Make Remote Work Happen Quickly with Microsoft Teams

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the CDC is recommending social distancing and encouraging people to work from home if possible. This of course is with the hope of flattening the infection curve and giving hospitals, health providers, and government agencies a chance to keep up and reduce overall fatalities. Last Wednesday, Microsoft asked 50,000 Seattle-area employees to stay home and use Microsoft Teams...

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Microsoft's New Chromium-Based Edge Browser Launches

Microsoft had teased back in November that it's newly rebuilt Microsoft Edge browser would release in January. Now, the Chromium-based browser is available for both Windows and Mac users alike. Anyone looking to install the new version can simply head over to the Microsoft Edge site and download it for free.
How Does Chromium Edge Perform?

As a major Gold-certified partner to Microsoft we test things pretty heavily prior to rollout and over the last few months - I can say I'm happy with how this browser performs. Dynamics 365 pages load quickly as do all of the other Microsoft services I frequently use such as SharePoint, Stream, and PowerBI. The same is true of most personal sites I visit from banking to news. Not surprisingly, pages load just as quickly as they do in Chrome.


Innovation Park at Notre Dame Switches to DXNotifi

Innovation Park
As one of the nation’s leading engineering and technology incubators, Innovation Park at Notre Dame is now using DXNotifi from Magenium Solutions to power its digital displays throughout the 55,000 square foot facility.

NETGEAR Orbi WiFi System Review

The following is a review of the Orbi router and satellite (RBK50). We have been having issues with a very old secondary router since moving into our 111-year old house 3 years ago. It seemed like every few days, we would have to reset the secondary router again because it lost its signal. Some days, this included multiple attempts before finally getting a stable connection.

Sony Projection Convergence Problem

Hello Folks,


I Have a Sony Projection screen television KP-57ws510 with a convergence problem. Back in February of 2013 the Convergence IC's took a dump and i replaced them with Oem Sonyo IC's and everything worked great until last week when the convergence went out again.

I opened the back of the television and noticed that one of the convergence chips and its heatsink was ice cold leading me to believe that one of the pico fuses dropped out.



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