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1998 Cell Phone Holster the Best Choice for Modern PPC/Phone Hybrids?

File this in the "wacky but true" folder...

After months of scouring both web and retail stores, evaluating and trying tons of different products, I finally found a suitable holster for my HTC Hermes (aka AT&T 8525). However, I didn't find it at a cell phone store, consumer electronics chain, or specialty web store. And believe it or not, it turns out the best case for my mucho-expensive high-tech modern cell phone would only cost me less than ten bucks on sale.

HP's TouchSmart 2 Announced, Gives iMac a Little Competition as Best Looking All-In-One

Yesterday, HP Announced the successor to the TouchSmart, a touch friendly, kitchen computer released well over a year ago. Boasting an attractive (albeit slightly odd) design and touch capable widescreen LCD monitor, the quasi all-in-one TouchSmart turned out to be great seller for HP.

While I have always given iMac props in the all-in-one looks department, HP may just have a cooler looking, sleeker design (only 2.6 inches thick!) with the TouchSmart 2... but your opinion may vary. Not only do I think it looks nicer than the iMac, but it continues to offer the unique, kitchen and family friendly touch screen interface.

Grand Theft Auto IV - First Impressions

The biggest problem of being a cheapskate gamer is that by the time I get to a game, it's already yesterday's news. I just can't fork out $60 for every good looking new release that comes down the pike (and there are a lot of good looking games these days!). No doubt you'd see more video game reviews here in my blog if I thought I could talk about a game when its still fresh. It often takes months for games to hit the $20 rack.

Matt's Tech Law #3 - E-mail Read Receipts

Another day, another annoyance to complain about. This particular issue isn't related to gadgets, but e-mail is now one of the (if not THE) primary form of communication among individuals, and without technology, it wouldn't be the case.

Those in a corporate enviornment have no doubt encountered the e-mail read receipt, and probably send some or all messages requesting one yourself. Home users may not have ever had to deal with them since not all e-mail clients, particularly in the free online services, support them.

So what is a read receipt? For those who have never seen one, read receipts are a form of e-mail tracking. Quoth the Wikipedia:

Best Buy Prescribes Millions in Gift Cards to Ease HD-DVD Buyers' Pain

If you're one of the millions who didn't heed our warnings about buying into the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray format war, and ended up making the wrong choice, you may be getting a little medication to help ease your pain. Those who purchased an HD-DVD Player or XBOX-360 add-on drive at Best Buy before February 23, 2008 will automatically receive a $50 gift card good towards anything in the store.

M&K Sound Returns!

Months back it was uncovered that premium home and professional speaker manufacturer M&K Sound would be making a return under new ownership... after being closed for over a year. Today, it looks like M&K may be looking to make their return in the near future thanks to a tip by member FIG here in the TechLore Community.



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