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Apple Shows Off New iPods, iTunes 8 - Underwhelms?

Today at Apple's "Rock Live" Event in San Fransico, Jobs and Co. took the opportunity to debut the iPod lineup for the holiday selling season, as well as highlight some additional updates and goodies for the juggernaut's existing products like iPhone 3G and iTunes.

Before you take to heart the numerous reports of how "underwhelming" Apple's announcements were, it's important to keep in mind that Apple is held to a much higher standard of expectation. Granted, what Apple had to talk about today hardly justified an entire event. Thank goodness Jack Johnson showed up to play a tune at the end to fill some space. It wasn't underwhelming; it wasn't overwhelming... more just 'whelming.'

Vista's Reputation Precedes It...

Question: I got a laptop that runs Windows Vista, and I've heard many rumors about vista... not good ones.

Here are the main specs:
XPS M1530
Intel Core 2 duo processor T8300 (2.4GHz/800Mhz FSB, 3MB Cache)
3GB Shared Duel Channel DDR2 SDRAM at667 MHz (2 dimms)
Hopefully this is all you need to figure out if i may or may not have problems.

-submitted by codify

What Does the Fast Power On / Low Power Mode on My Mitsubishi TV Actually Do?

Question: On my Mitsubishi TV I have the option of "Fast Power On" or "Low Power." Fast Power On brings the the video up very fast and Low Power takes some time. They say that Low Power uses less energy, but TV power-on takes longer and some TV features may be unavailable.

What I am wondering is if I use the Low Power setting, would that extend my bulb life?

-submitted by Brandon C

Comcast Offers Free Wii to New Triple Play Subscribers - Fine Print Costs You $400

In a press release today, Comcast announced they have partnered with Nintendo to offer a free Nintendo Wii to new Comcast Triple Play subscribers who sign up for service between today and August 17th. However, don't let them fool you. It may be a "Free Wii," but it will really cost you a little less than $400 in the end.

Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta Released - Hold Out for Beta 2

There's been a lot of activity in the mobile web browser game since Apple's iPhone completely redefined the web experience on a handheld. For the Windows Mobile user (like me), there isn't much out there that works like the desktop browsers. Opera Mobile has been one of the few decent ones (far better than Mobile IE), but still nowhere near the iPhone. I normally wouldn't complain, but Opera Mobile isn't free like Mobile Safari; I expect more from a paid product.

XBOX 360 Dashboard Redesign - Before and After

Microsoft will be significantly changing the way the XBOX 360 looks. No, not the outer physical form factor. We're talking about the dashboard here, the software you interact with when you power on the console. A lot has changed since our pals at Redmond shipped the first 360 thanks to numerous updates that has brought a full marketplace, TV, movies, casual games, better streaming media support, and lots more. So much, in fact, that the current dashboard, your gateway to browse all this stuff, has added enough dizzying blades, drop downs, and other menus that it was getting painful to use.



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