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Apple Unleashes iPhone 3G on America - 2 Minute Overview and Review Roundup

With the enormous amount of media coverage regarding Jobs' latest wonder toy, you probably already know the newest version of Apple's iPhone hit stores today. If you're not the type to read the 15,000 different reviews on it for every teeny, tiny detail, here's everything you need to know in this 2 Minute Overview and Review Roundup.

iPhone 3G Goes 3G (though you probably guessed that one)

Using a Projector to Display Your Laptop or Computer

Question: I am trying to connect my Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook to a Toshiba TDP-PX10 projector. When I turn on the projector, the projected image says there is no signal. I am trying to show a PowerPoint through the projector, but for some reason the computer is not connecting with the projector. Are they not compatible?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

-submitted by ksharp

How CDs are Made

No doubt you've accumulated hundreds, more likely thousands, of these little digital wonders since the CD hit the big time in the early 80s. First conceived in the late 70s to store digital music, the Compact Disc went on to become the de-facto standard to store and distribute software and games for the personal computer.

The process for making the Compact Disc is actually quite interesting. If you've ever wondered how the CD goes from raw materials to your CD player, click the play button below.

How Can I Hook Up My TV's Audio to My Home Theater?

Question: I have just bought a DURABRAND SA51AR home theatre system to go with my DURABRAND 2127N TV and DURABRAND CG5660-M Freeview set-top box. I have connected all my output leads (the speaker ones). I have only one red, yellow, and white jack on my TV and three sets of red and white jack leads with home theatre system. I can't get sound no matter how many times I've swapped the input leads... any ideas whats going wrong :(

-  submitted by CKENWORTHY1986


If I get you right, you have a home theater system, a TV, and a freeview set-top, but can't get any sound from the TV through your external audio system.

What do I need to know to upgrade a graphics card?

Question: I would now like to know what video card would be compatible with my computer. I have a DELL XPS 400 that runs Windows XP. I saw mention of the "9600GT" in the forums, but have never heard of that card before. Can you go into specifics about what brand of card it is? Also, things like "the XPS 400 should have 1 PCI Express x16 slot" sounds like a lot of big words to me, can you describe it better?

If there is any other information that is needed, please tell. Thanks.

-submitted by codify


Chevy Volt's $40,000 Price Tag Unveiled - Is it too high?

There it is - fourty thousand dollars of pure electric, plug-in driving. Is it surprising to see such a high price from one of the most hyped cars in a long, long time? While it's far beyond the thirty thousand dollar price tag that Chevy has been hoping for, I'd venture to say it's still not that bad all things considering.

After evaluating user comments around the net, it's become clear that people have lost all sense of reason and reality. This is not the time to complain about the price... at least not yet anyway.



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