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News That Made Me Smile: The Return of M&K Sound

For those who know a little about my background, I spent well over 10 years in electronics sales at a variety of places. Of those, my job at a high end audio/video retailer and installer was where I got to eat, breathe, and practically swim in home theater equipment... definitely my favorite segment of the consumer electronics industry. I'll save that piece on why I love home theater so much for another day, but I will share with you the best news I've heard in months... M&K Sound is supposedly coming back.

When Is the Right Time to Buy? - Holding Off on the Latest Gadget

It's happened to everyone... that gut-wrenching, horrifying feeling you get when the shiny new gadget you JUST bought a month ago drops in price or is replaced by something better. Look at iPhone owners. You can't tell me those that picked up 8GB iPhones at $599 didn't feel a bit used when Apple lowered the price to $399 only 2 months after it was launched. Sure, that $100 in-store credit helped soften the blow, but no doubt everyone probably wishes they had waited those few months before buying.

Dish Network Purchases Sling Media

This just in from the "out of left field" department... It was only a short time ago that Sling Media publicly revealed they have been working with DirecTV on their new SuperCast NFL service, only to announce today that EchoStar Communications (owner and operator of the other major US satellite TV provider) has just acquired the company for roughly $380 million dollars.

PS3's Virtual 'Home' Delayed

Bad news for PS3 owners...

Looking forward to setting up your new digital digs in the upcoming "Virtual Home" world coming to the Playstation Network? Well real-estate still isn't for sale, and it won't be for a while.

In another embarrassing blow for Sony, the much touted "Virtual Home" has been delayed until Spring 2008 according to Kazuo Hirai's keynote address at the Tokyo Game Show today. What a way to kick off your first major public appearance as the new chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment... by announcing a delay.

Slingbox Clip+Sling: New Feature Coming to Let Users Share TV

Brandon C. over at our sister site,, went digging through patent application documents and unearthed tons of never-before-seen details and images about the upcoming Clip+Sling TV sharing feature headed to Slingbox!

SanDisk's New Sansa 'Clip' and 'View' - Take that Apple!

No doubt Apple is the king of the hill when it comes to MP3 players, but SanDisk keeps climbing the totem pole everytime a new model hits the Sansa product line. So, with Apple announcing new iPods the other day, it's not surprising that SanDisk would follow suit with a few new surprise products of their own. And holy cow do they look pretty nice...



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