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Watching my TiVo the World Over

Technically, the FCC is stocked with idiots.

The FCC wants to regulate cable and satellite. Ordinarily I'd provide linkage but a quick search with your favorite engine will provide any info you need. To wit, a "Keen Eddie" episode is being held up as an example of what not to broadcast to the American public.

What's being lost are two technological innovations that the FCC has pushed, in order to prevent "the children" from being damaged by adult content. The first innovation is v-chip tagging, the ratings system designed to work with the v-chip so that parents can block programming that doesn't meet their familial guidelines, whatever that means.

Your TV, then, would block out all programs tagged as "SL/V" or "sexual language/ violence", for example.

Selecting the Right Audio Format for DVD Playback

There are many who've spent thousands on a killer digital surround sound system to achieve the ultimate cinematic experience in the comfort of their living room. Yet, one of the most important steps to getting the best sound quality possible is so often overlooked, and it can make the difference between night and day when it comes to audio.

How to Connect Audio from a DVD Player to a Stereo Receiver

Remember the days when connecting your turntable, 8-track, and tape player all used the same two cables? For years connecting audio to a receiver was a snap because there was only one way to do it. Well... those days are gone. Digital technologies have expanded the number of different connections capable of carrying audio to a receiver. While many devices are fairly self-explanatory, DVD players can boggle a consumers mind by offering, in come cases, five or more different choices to connect to a receiver.

Almost Done

The entertainment center is almost finished. Everything's plugged in through my new monster power center. My tower is back together, containing my new DirecTV receiver, which is now hooked up to my Media Center. Many of the TV's beautifully-digital inputs are happily occupied. I've watched parts of The Matrix and The Incredibles, and played hours of Dungeon Siege. Only a few tasks remain...

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