Free DVD Player with Purchase

A few years ago, I saw an ad in the paper for a free DVD player with purchase of a monster cable. It was around the Fourth of July a few years ago. It is not too uncommon to see an ad in the paper for a sale on DVD players, but how often can you buy an accesory and get the component free? Not thinking about the quality of the DVD player, I decided to try it out, and ended up brining home the Monster Cables and the free Lenoxx Sound DVD-2003. What did I have to lose? It was only $25. If the DVD player was a dud I could add it to a museum and use the cable somewhere else.

The DVD player was not too bad for free. I bought one of the last ones in the store. The DVD player played CD's, DVD's, and MP3's. The color of the player is silver, and it has all of the major functions of a DVD player plus it is pretty easy to use. Although, it does not have a digital display on the front. (You know the DVD player is not that high quality when one of the major features labeled on the player is an on-screen menu.)

To this day, I have never used the monster cable. The monster cable was equiped with S-video, which my old "Dorm Room TV" did not have. But, to this day my DVD player still works just fine. At least I can say I got a free DVD player when I bought a cable. Can you?


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