Almost Done

The entertainment center is almost finished. Everything's plugged in through my new monster power center. My tower is back together, containing my new DirecTV receiver, which is now hooked up to my Media Center. Many of the TV's beautifully-digital inputs are happily occupied. I've watched parts of The Matrix and The Incredibles, and played hours of Dungeon Siege. Only a few tasks remain...

My new Sony RM-AV3100 learning remote still needs programming, but I'm relying on its macros and learning functionality to not only eliminate my no-less-than-seven remote controls from my coffee table, but also to make my system accessible to even my parents. I'll post an article so you too can enjoy that fun.

The last leg of the DirecTV-to-MediaPC connection adventure is to relay the IR signal from the Media PC to the DirecTV receiver. A friend just tossed an IR flasher my way, so now it's just a matter of getting home and getting it hooked up.

And that's it. I'm also working on some video distribution (factoring in a set of modulators I purchased a while back), but that's tangential to "completing" the entertainment center. However, as that effort progresses, I'll share.

Next TV update will include victory chants and pictures ... I hope.


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