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Bluetooth Car Stereos Bring Wireless Convenience to Your Ride

Let’s just face it; Bluetooth technology is taking over.  Just about all the new eletronic audio devices are incorporating Bluetooth technology into their design, allowing the user to talk on the phone, stream music, or perform other various ta

Get a Portable Audio Boost with Boostaroo

I travel some and have a hard time hearing my music and videos on the airplanes.

What I have found is that with a simple Portable Audio Amplifier I can amplify and enhance the sound quality to a much better level.

Chevy Volt's $40,000 Price Tag Unveiled - Is it too high?

There it is - fourty thousand dollars of pure electric, plug-in driving. Is it surprising to see such a high price from one of the most hyped cars in a long, long time? While it's far beyond the thirty thousand dollar price tag that Chevy has been hoping for, I'd venture to say it's still not that bad all things considering.

After evaluating user comments around the net, it's become clear that people have lost all sense of reason and reality. This is not the time to complain about the price... at least not yet anyway.

JL Audio Stealthbox Review

Apple Computing Bliss... Will It Last?

Yesterday, I made a pilgrimage to the local Apple Store to purchase a beautiful new Apple Aluminum Keyboard. The thing is absolutely beautiful. I'm typing on it now. I'll bet you're jealous (unless you already have one.)

But seriously, though, looking at other keyboards out there, this one wasn't a bad buy. It's not like it will run you back over $1,500 like an Optimus Maximus, and compared to a lot of other Windows oriented type keyboards, it was actually cheaper. Imagine that.

JVC KWAV810 In Dash Navigation System Review



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