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Dash Express: First Impressions of My New GPS

I've been waiting for this particular gadget for many months, and unlike some of the other early reviewers, I was not privy to any early sneak peaks; my enthusiasm was based only on what I'd read and watched (they had great early videos) on the net. Still, it was clear to me that this was going to be a breakthrough device.

[stepping up onto soapbox...]

Remote Car Starter Alarms

Whether you're a male or a female, it's always nice to have your car ready to go whenever you are, especially when you are in shady parts of town. And of course, the last purpose to having remote starters is the show-off factor because it completes the true wow-element of your vehicle. After all, who doesn't want to show off like James Bond?

Google Maps to your car's GPS Navigation System?

It looks like Google and their Maps program is getting a cool update.

Well maybe.....
They are testing out a service with BMW that allows you to send Google Maps info directly into your car's GPS In-Car navigation. They are promoting:

Knowing Your GPS System

Better Sound Imaging In Your Car

You want your car to sound like a concert...right?

Here's a few tips:

What Brand of Head Unit Should You Choose?

Maybe you're at Best Buy...

Maybe you're surfing the internet...

Maybe you're browsing through a Crutchfield magazine...

...all in hopes of finding a head unit that fits you.

I find that the major reason one head unit brand is more expensive than another is: build quality. I am going to be focusing around that, and plan to expand on each brand - right now I have a skeleton.



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