Get a Portable Audio Boost with Boostaroo

I travel some and have a hard time hearing my music and videos on the airplanes.

What I have found is that with a simple Portable Audio Amplifier I can amplify and enhance the sound quality to a much better level.

There are a couple of different options when it comes to Portable Headphone Audio Amplifiers. One is the Boostaroo, which has the ability to will double the available volume from your audio player and separate the audio signal into individual stereo channels to drive 3 separate sets of headphones or speakers.

Naturally it will depend on the ohm rating of your headphones, but the Boostaroo can increase the volume of your player by 100% with no more than a 0.3% harmonic distortion.

If you are watching or listening to something that two or tree people want to hear I highly recommend the Boostaroo.

If you are looking for something that improves the sound quality for MP3 MP4 Players Computers or Mobile Phones when using earphones or headphones and not so much into sharing the audio with others and are wanting a more quality for an awesome personal listening experience right between your ears I recommend the FiiO E3 Power Amplifier.

This little baby will enhance your audio experience and at a price of only $8.50 on DealExtreme right now you can't go wrong! This device only uses only one AAA battery, for 20 hours playtime.

So if you are having problems hearing your audio or want to enhance your experience I would recommend you check these out.

Thanks to Audiolicious on the SansaCommunity for this article


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