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Why Does 57MB of Music Take Up 700MB of Space?

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I ripped a CD to my computer. When transferred, the folder reads 57.8MB. However, when I attempted to burn it back onto another CD, I was only able to add another 5MB of songs. I thought the CD could hold 700MB. Therefore, why couldn't I add at least 30-40 songs if the songs did not exceed 700MB?

-submitted by Robotic007

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How To Properly Tune Your Car's Speaker Volume

iPod Your Car

Many of my friends have iPods. Just about all of them have one way or another to listen to their iPods in their cars. I've tried several ways, some work better than others:

iPod FM Transmitter

iPod FM TransmitterI was just telling my coworker this morning how my iPod FM transmitter apparently stopped working. I can barely hear the music while dialed to 87.7FM. There was a strong station on 87.9FM, but I tried getting it to work over a 32 mile trip and it was 99% static with barely audible music in the background.



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