JVC KWAV810 In Dash Navigation System Review

It is becoming more and more popular for the aftermarket in-dash units to meet all of our needs. We often dream about having a car receiver that can just do everything. Something we could simply hook up and have it all. JVC has been one of the leaders in making this dream a reality. Now we can have it all. The new JVC KW-AVX810 is to some, a dream machine. Here is why some would consider it that.

Let’s start with the outside. The JVC in dash navigation system (KW-AVX810) looks good and it doesn’t matter whether it is on or off. The 7” LCD touchscreen display can add a refined look to any car. Turn it on and the brilliant colors will surprise you. The touch screen itself is motorized and will move up and down. When the screen is down, the user will have access to the CD/DVD slot.

The really unique feature about this unit is the detachable face. This is one of the few 7” double DIN receivers that offer a detachable faceplate, which is a security feature that some people specifically look for. Good job JVC.

The KW-AVX810 also features a proximity sensor that will dim the unit when your hand is not near it and light it up when you hand is close by. A nice feature when driving at night and the screen is too bright. Another impressive feature is that of the simple connections in the back. The plugs and cord in the back of the unit make set-up a simple and uncomplicated event. Yet another reason to consider the KW-AVX810.

Now let’s talk about the inside and what this in-dash receiver can really do. For starters, the KW-AVX810 will read the following: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP3, AAC, DVD, DVD±R/RW, DivX, Divx Ultra, VCD, WMA, and JPEG. Now let’s add on top of that an iPod. The KW-AVX810 has a USB connection in the back that one could connect their iPod, too. JVC recommends the purchase and usage of their iPod adapter, but it is not required.

Another convenience is the SD card reader. Put any of the previously listed files on a SD card and the JVC KW-AVX810 will read and play it.

The unit comes ready for Satellite radio (SIRIUS or XM ready), HD Radio, and Bluetooth.

When it comes to the sound that can be produced, the JVC KW-AVX810 comes Dolby Digital capable. It seems that the only addition that could have been made to this in-dash is that of a built in CD-changer. It is not a huge drawback considering all of the other features, but it would have been a nice convenience.

The KW-AVX810 by JVC is an all around solid receiver. With the features that it comes with, it can do just about anything that we would like it to. For those of us like to do it all, consider this in-dash receiver. It can do just about everything.


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