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Back to the kitchen.... I forgot one

The 94 degree weather has reminded me of another gadget that I LOVE...

I have a Brita water filter. I hate the taste of the water in my town, it really has a strong bleachy taste some times. Bottled water is expensive, so I bought a filter for my tap. It has a light on it that will turn red when it is time to replace the filter.

It really improves the taste of water, it also improves the taste of the cofee that I make with the water.

This is a great product I would reccomend to anyone who wants to improve the taste and quality of their drinking water.

gadgets room by room - taking it outside

My favorite outdoor gadget is my Weber Gas Grill. I love that thing. I like having a gas grill because I can turn it off and on easilly without messing with charcoal, it cooks meat quickly and evenly, and a lot at one time. I can cook for a couple days at a time and have leftover steak, beef or chicken to cut into salads. I like to grill vegetables.

With the heat wave we had this weekend (it was over 100 degrees on Sunday) I got up early and grilled at around 6 am. This was effective, no one wanted to eat hot food. Also, it prevents heating up the kitchen from using the oven or the stove. I did all of my gardening while keeping an eye on the grill, and had enough meat cooked to cut up for salads and sandwiches for several days.

This is better than buying deli meats or lunchmeat because I can avoid as many additives as possible, and save money.

Heart Rate Monitor

The more you work out, the more efficient you become, the less calories you burn. What to do, what to do?

I am a big fan of heart rate monitors. They help keep you honest when you exercise. They can help you make sure that your warmup is really a warmup, and know when you have cooled down enough.

One of the main reasons for getting a heart rate monitor is to watch the effort that you are producing. As you train, you become better at what you are doing, and you have to work harder to see results.

How To Control Your Lights With Your Home Theater Remote

When I sit down to watch a movie or TV, I always forget to turn off the lights. In the past, this would require me to get up off of the couch, hit the switch, and sit back down again. Even worse, when an intermission was needed, I'd have to get up and kick on the lights again in order to find my way to the kitchen or bathroom without tripping over something on the floor.

Part 3 - Buying a treadmill

When you go to purchase a treadmill:

1.) Take your time - allow 20 minutes to test each one that you are serious

2.) Dress in clothes similar to what you would wear when exercising

3.) wear/bring the shoes you will wear

Make sure to allow time to test the treadmill. If you plan to run on your treadmill, run on it. Walk on it. Listen to it.

Notice how the deck feels, pay attention to the waranty, can you return it if you are not happy with it.

Get a powerful motor. Ask about how much weight the treadmill is supposed to bear, the heavier the weight, the more sturdy the treadmill.

Thats the end of treadmill buying. Next weeks subject will be digital cameras and the toys that go with them. :-)



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