Buying a treadmill part 2

Treadmill have a wide variety of gadgets that are available on them. The most gadget laden seem to be the Nordic Trak treadmills.

Here are a list of the gadgets that come connected - which I use and which I wouldn't waste time on:

1.) Fans - nice. Loud, interferes with listening to the TV. I wouldn't pay extra for them, but I do use them some.

2.) Ifit capable. - This lets you connect your laptop or dvd player to your treadmill, and will control the incline and speed of your treadmill while letting you listen to music (Not music you would hear on the readio, generic voice free music) and / or watch pretty scenery. Some people like this. You can virtually walk through the grand canyon, or hawaii. I prefer to watch Buffy the Vampire slayer. It is more distracting.

3.) 1 touch speed / incline controls. I use this feature all the time, and would not want a treadmill without it.

4.) Incline - don't buy a treadmill that does not have an automatic incline - and it should go to at least 10 percent. Treadclimbers can go up to 50 percent. I like walking at an incline because I have problems with my knees if I run. It is easy to get your heart rate up when you are walking at an incline, and you burn more calories at an incline.

5.) Heart rate monitor grips - you usually have to stop working out to get an accurate reading. Better than nothing, I prefer a chest strap monitor. Unfortunately - the chest strap is usually an expensive add on. I just use my own heart rate monitor with the watch strapped to the handle of my treadmill. I would rather spend the money on a separate unit, that I can take biking with me, or use for other exercises.

6. Preprogrammed exercise routines. - Motivating for some, I don't use them.

7. The ability to program your own routines. I just manually control to keep my heart rate where I want it.

8. Odometer. I really like knowing the total miles I have done on my treadmill. My treadmill will save total milage for 4 different users.

9. Flex deck - this refers to the softness of the walking surface. All treadmills are kinder to your joints than training on concrete. Some have variable tension so you can make the surface softer or harder (absorbing more or less of the impact when you walk.) I like this feature. I use it a lot, but I have fibromyalgia (a type of arthritis), and this grately improves my comfort level.

Other things -some have aroma therapy, calorie counters, carb counters, and fat counters.

Unless the machine asks you for your weight, the calorie counter will not be accurate. Most machines assume either 150 or 180 lbs.

Carb counter - don't bother. divide calories by 4 and you have it.

aroma therapy. You have got to be kidding me.

Built in cd player. Sorry - I prefer my sound system separate. I wouldn't mind speakers that could plug into my tv or stereo though....

Fold up - space saving design - Nice, but may not last as long as the ones that are down all the time.

Extended warranty - GET IT. Likely to break, lots of moving parts, expensive to repair. Get one with a lemon clause (if they come out for the same repair 3 or 4 times in a one year period, they replace the product.)


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