Buying Exercise Equipment

I hate to exercise. It is boring.
I have ADD - I can't stand doing endless repetitions of the same thing.

Yet- I exercise around ten hours a week.

I have had almost every kind of exercise equipment that they market - only a few of them have turned into clothes hangers, and many I used so much that I wore them out.

If you are interested in getting fit, and want a piece of home exercise equipment - I can help you narrow down what to buy - if anything.

Questions you need to ask yourself before you begin:

1.) How much are you exercising now?
2.) Why are you exercising?
3.) How much space do you have?
4.) How much money do you have to spend?

If you are not exercising now, don't waste your money on home gym equipment costing over $100.00.

To get started - see if you can get a 1 month membership to a gym without a long term committment. (Some hospitals will let you do that in their cardio rehab centers. My local hospital will let me join their gym for $20.00 per month, no sign up fee.)

If possible, work with one of the trainers there to learn how to use the equipment. Try the different cardio equipment, day after day, and see what you enjoy using. Bring tunes, this is one place an MP3 player with your favorite music will really help you.

Inexpensive ways to start exercising at home:
(around $100 for all of the following equipment, combined cost)

Hand weights - get three different weights according to your fitness level. In the store try using the weights - you should be just able to lift the weights 6 - 8 times. (bicep curls will be the midlevel weight, then go a little lower and a little higher for the other two sets.) Your fitness level will improve quickly with weights, and they can really help you improve posture and muscle tone.

Stability ball - inexpensive with a lot of possible exercises. THIS IS NOT A TOY. People get hurt bouncing around on them. Use it properly.

Yourself!Fitness - see my review. It is a video game that has over 500 exercises, and will evaluate your fitness level. I like it way better than videos because the workout is different every day. It also does not take a lot of space.(versions for PC, Xbox, and playstation - cost should be under $40.00)

A step. - works with yourself!fitness, and you can use it as a bench with the weights.

All of the above equipment together should come in right around $100.00. Used together, regullarly, you should see a big improvement in your fitness level.

By the way - motivation is everything and vanity doesn't last that long as motivation. You spend way more time looking at the TV then the mirror.

Before you begin - it is a good idea to get a complete physical. I work out as much as I do because I am diabetic and it makes a dramatic difference in my health. I have dropped 10 percent body fat in the last couple of years by working out. I haven't lost much weight - so that is a shift in body composition.

Tune in tomorrow for more talk on fitness equipment.


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