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Review of Skype-Compatible GE Cordless Phone GE-31591GE1

Man, they really could have branded this headset more... alluringly. Neither "GE-31591GE1" nor "GE Cordless Phone" or even "digital cordless expandable telephone" quite tickle any consumer-y hot zones of mine. It's a shame--as an avid Skype user, I didn't even realize this headset existed until I received an insane promotional offer to get one of these bad boys for a cool $10.

Chumby One Review--Extraordinary Window to the Internet... Or Just a Fancy Alarm Clock?

In a total impulse buy (what some might view as a temporary loss of sanity, because they have never heard of it) I picked up a chumby from Woot.com for an exceptional price. However, I probably would have spent more if I knew what it was capable of.

Amazon Kindle Drops to $189, Time To Start Reading?

If you've been waiting to get your hands on an Amazon Kindle mobile reader, now might just be the time for you to jump on board.  In response to the pricing of the Barnes and Noble nook and the incredible response to and demand for the Apple iPad, Amazon has dropped the price of the latest generation Kindle to only $189.

Apple iPad Review: A Revolution in Computing or Unnecessary Luxury? You Decide.

Apple, like no other tech company on Earth, has an uncanny ability to
stir emotion with their products.  You might be lining up outside of an
Apple store, a veritable mecca for lovers of the fruit, patiently
camping out to be one of the first to lay finger on the newest shiny
object.  Perhaps you're passionately boycotting their products, refusing

Mint: A Fresh Approach to Cleaning Floors, With A Robotic Twist

Ok, ok - I know the title is cliche.  However, I couldn't resist.  Forgive me.

Moving on.  For brevity's sake, let's say that I saw a metric ton's worth of sweet gear at CES 2010.  Everything from media streamers to iPhone skins to Android phones and back again were on display for showgoers' ogling pleasure.  After a while, all of the iPod clones and netbooks start to swim together in a blurry soup of semiconductors and colored plastic, leaving you with nothing but callouses on your feet and a mean headache.

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