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Quick Review of Apple's Safari 4 Public Beta

The browser wars rage on with the new version of Safari, just released by Apple in public beta form.  I've been a fan of Safari for a long time, before people even actually liked Safari.  It just seems so tightly integrated with OS X and generally feels slicker to me.  Plus, I like syncing my bookmarks over MobileMe so I can access the same things from my laptop, desktop, and iPhone.

Now, Apple has made (one of my) favorite browsers even better.  It's not perfect by any means, and not everyone will appreciate the pretty significant changes - but I do.  Here's the short list of what you can expect from this shiny new window to the Intarwebs.

HP's TouchSmart 2 Announced, Gives iMac a Little Competition as Best Looking All-In-One

Yesterday, HP Announced the successor to the TouchSmart, a touch friendly, kitchen computer released well over a year ago. Boasting an attractive (albeit slightly odd) design and touch capable widescreen LCD monitor, the quasi all-in-one TouchSmart turned out to be great seller for HP.

While I have always given iMac props in the all-in-one looks department, HP may just have a cooler looking, sleeker design (only 2.6 inches thick!) with the TouchSmart 2... but your opinion may vary. Not only do I think it looks nicer than the iMac, but it continues to offer the unique, kitchen and family friendly touch screen interface.

One Year With Segway - Reflections and Recollections

Well, I've had the Segway i180 for a whole year and as it is mostly a solitary transport vehicle, I have had plenty of time to think about the practicality and pleasure of owning one. For all those who are interested, I will share the thoughts collected in my head over these past 12 months.

Let me start off by getting the basic information out of the way. Based on a year of talking to hundreds of people, I feel confident that this will answer 80% of the questions you may have:

The Low Tech/High Value Gadgets in My House

I thought I would take a breather from the hectic world of early gadget adopting and reflect on some of the best low tech gear I have and, more importantly USE in my house. I doubt that any of the items discussed here will make anyone's "Top XX" list but sometimes we need to look past the flash and cool-ness of the high profile gadgets and pay attention to the ones that provide value every day.

The Coolest Refrigerators Around

-Contributed by Electronic House Magazine

Just like in the airport

Well how about this EZ Faucet? It transforms your usual contact sink into a perfectly clean wash. It has an infrared sensor that senses your hands or whatever crosses it's "viewing" path and turns on the water. Just like in the airport faucets. I actually read the manual of this thing and it sais you can adjust the temperature and pressure of the water so we're all set. In about 5 minutes with a not so fancy wrench included in the package.
Only 70$ at smarthome. If it really works you can call yourself a washing hi-tech freak.
I just imagine a curious pet that has a really crazy surprise walking by the sink.



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