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Why does a fuse blow?

First off we need to understand what a fuse is. A fuse is a safety device, primarily designed to protect something from fire or damage. A normal fuse is simply a small wire running from one electrode to another electrode and encapsulated in some kind of fire proof casing.
A fuse should not be confused with a circuit breaker. A circuit breaker has the same purpose as a fuse, but it can be re-set and used again. A fuse has to be replaced when it blows.
Fuses, especially ones found in a television, can be very deceiving and hard to find. They come in many shapes and sizes. Other components like; resistors, or coils, may also do double duty and act like  a fuse. This behavior is engineered into the component.

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New Kodak Image Sensor Technology Coming Soon

Eastman Kodak Company just introduced a new advancement in image sensor technology that they say will help make dark, blurry digital photos a thing of the past.
Here is what they say:

Kodak’s new sensor technology provides a significant increase in sensitivity to light when compared to current sensor designs. With this new technology, users will realize a 2x to 4x increase in sensitivity (from one to two photographic stops), which will improve performance when taking pictures under low light and reduce motion blur when imaging moving subjects.

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