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3D TV, do you need one?

Several years ago back in the late 90’s a great new technology for your computer.   it was  awesome 3d technology,  just as good as the new 3d tv’s are today.  They used shutter glasses and an ir emitter to synchronize the shutter glasses with the image being displayed, just as they do today.  They only had a dongle attached to a monitor and some software to produce the 3d image. The monitor its self was just a simple off the shelf monitor that you could purchase anywhere. The key was the hardware driving the monitor.


What to expect when repairing lcd tv's.

    LCD TV’s are in a league of their own, since we have been working on the newer lcd panels several things you need to know about these sets. First of all component level repair is virtually impossible. The same set with the same model number may have different components depending on where it was made. In most all the manufacturers sets that I have worked with, the serial number range will determine the parts needed for a repair. In general the reliability of lcd televisions seem to be very good. Out of warranty repairs are more expensive because of the board level repair, some service manuals don’t even come with a schematic any more, just a block diagram so you can determine which board is the culprit. In the latest generation of lcd tv’s they have condensed the circuitry down in most cases to about 3 smaller boards.

Why does a fuse blow?

First off we need to understand what a fuse is. A fuse is a safety device, primarily designed to protect something from fire or damage. A normal fuse is simply a small wire running from one electrode to another electrode and encapsulated in some kind of fire proof casing.
A fuse should not be confused with a circuit breaker. A circuit breaker has the same purpose as a fuse, but it can be re-set and used again. A fuse has to be replaced when it blows.
Fuses, especially ones found in a television, can be very deceiving and hard to find. They come in many shapes and sizes. Other components like; resistors, or coils, may also do double duty and act like  a fuse. This behavior is engineered into the component.

Sony Recall !

The Pixel Kunumdrum


Sony Convergence Repair(My Sony TV has a distorted picture)


There has been a large amount of chatter on Techlore about Sony convergence ic problems. Luckily Most Sony projection tv's no matter what model you have should be similar to my explanation below, Since Sony rarely fully re-engineers a tv what I am about to say will apply to most Sony projection TV's.  A service manual is generally not needed to perform the repair.

 WARNING! If you don't have any electronic experience this is not for you, I assume no liability for any harm that may come to you or your tv. Perform this procedure totally at your own risk. High Voltages exist in your tv and on the boards I am going to talk about, and can have high voltages on them even after the tv is unplugged.

What has happened to your tv:



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