Archos AV300 Wishlist

Originally created 10/31/2003

Here is my AV300-specific Wishlist. Be sure to see the new General PVP Wishlist I'm building. The old wishlist started with the JBM20 and can be found here: JBM20 WishList. Many of the features from that wishlist have been addressed with the AV300. For an assessment of features addressed, click here. Now, on to the AV300's wishlist:

Audio Playback Wishlist

  • ID3 based browsing
  • Playlist Resume>(Added resume for Saved playlists 10/16/2003 in FW 1.2)
  • Mute
  • A crossfade option - between a 0-10 second fade in to the next track
  • Gapless MP3 Playback
  • Track Number display
  • FF/RW Fast enough for Long Files - (Added 9/2003 in FW 1.1.01)
  • No-Repeat Shuffle. "Back" returns you to the songs that were just played - (Added 9/2003 in FW 1.1.01)

AudioCorder Wishlist

  • WAV (uncompressed) audio recording

Browser (File) Wishlist

  • Ability to Sort directories by Date and FileSize in addition to Name.

CamCorder Wishlist

  • 320x240@30fps (or better yet: CIF@30fps... VGA@30fps... DVD@30fps) recording

Camera Wishlist

  • Instant Pictures (many digital cameras have a split-second delay from the time the button is pressed and the picture is actually taken)

DVR Wishlist

  • 320x240@30fps (or better yet: CIF@30fps... VGA@30fps... DVD@30fps) recording
  • Take a screen-shot (.JPG or .BMP) from the DVR module
  • Ability to set a Stop time for a recording already in progress

External HD & File Browser Wishlist

  • Ability to Mark files for Batch Move/Delete/Copy
  • Search for Files by Keyword
  • File Rename: Allow insert/delete of letters in the middle of the name (i.e. a movable cursor) - (Added 9/2003 in FW 1.1.01)

Flash Card Wishlist

  • Write to Flash Card (full copy, move, delete, rename support)

FM Receiver Wishlist

  • (none right now)

Misc Wishlist

  • >1 Audio and Video bookmarks (at least 3)
  • Text file viewer
  • Timer to Shut Off after X Min when unit is Playing in Repeat mode (or already recording)
  • A few Games (tetris, etc...)
  • Preemtive multitasking OS that supports 3rd party executables :)
  • Touchscreen -w- handwriting recognition / palm-like glyph writing
  • 2-3 User Custom Sound Presets
  • Skins for the UI
  • Two Overclock settings - 1) On AC, 2) On Battery

New Modules / Hardware

  • FM transmitter module
  • TV Tuner + DVR module
  • GPS module with support of map data to use the unit as a navigation system
  • Cell phone module
  • IR interface: want to use the AVxxx as an infrared remote control for may other devices
  • Blue tooth interface
  • A cradle/docking station for your HIFI/TV/Car (both a solid Mount and Cable extensions so connecting the Av300 takes much less time)
  • Wireless Video (both In and Out)
  • SVideo / HDTV / VGA out


  • Allow AVIs and JPGs in Playlists
  • Sort playlist (by Artist, Album, Filename+Path, Genre)

Photo Viewing Wishlist

  • Progressive JPG Support
  • Small Image Editor: Rotate, B&C, Hue&Sat, Crop, Load TIFF/RAW/JPG, Save-As JPG
  • Arbitrary image rotation
  • Anti-aliased picture scaling (bi-linear or bi-cubic)
  • Smoother Panning
  • Remember where each JPG was rotated to.
  • View JPGs while MP3s are playing

Video Playback Wishlist

  • MPEG1 Support
  • DivX 3.11 Support
  • DivX 5.x Pro Support (bi-directional encoding, etc...)
  • PCM Audio Soundtrack support
  • Left/Right quick should go to prev/next file just like playing MP3s
  • Ability to adjust the audio delay to manually resync a file as it plays
  • Subtitle file support
  • Ability to adjust all Video and Audio settings for during playback (Added 9/2003 in FW 1.1.01)

This article was originally posted to Shane Brinkman Davis' Archos Website.


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