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Microsoft Teams
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Good Bye Zune.

Microsoft has announced that it will be ending Zune which was developed in 2006 to help Microsoft compete with Apple for market share of music devices and services.  Although Zune players themselves did not last long, the service continued on through the use of Xbox and old players still in use.  Yesterday Microsoft quietly disconnect this service and has moved the remainder of subscribers to the Groove platform.  See you later Zune.  Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out.   

Clean Tech

As we begin to see commercials and advertisements for the latest gadgets coming this holiday some of use will momentarily reflect upon our old gadgets that are either broken, in storage, or just siting on the shelf.  As the holidays are quickly approaching, perhaps a few of us will be receiving a new piece of tech.  For those privileged individuals how will be receiving the best new gadgets the question is, what do we do with our old technology?   First option is to just throw out old electronics.  This can be a major issue since most, if not all, modern electronics contain toxic materials such ad lead or mercury.  Many waste disposal firms will not allow the disposal of such products through conventional means, yet many offer recycling services for such devices.  Check out Flood Brothers Disposal based out of Chicago.

Windows 10 For All

According to Max Slater-Robins of Business Insider, Microsoft has announced that it will begin to power Xbox with Windows 10.  This publication did not give a specific timeline of when this was going to begin but we should expect it sooner than later.  This comes as part of Microsoft’s push for a more “developer friendly” environment and will allow for a greater common platform through out all user devices.    This could become an interesting final integration for Windows in terms of its devices and market share.  By allowing users a single platform for all devices Windows has begun to match the demand of consumers along with creating room for developers.   Read More Here:

Does Size Really Matter?

This is not spam for male enhancement pills... When tablets were first introduced to markets around the world consumers began to eat them up.  Soon after many consumers realized the size of their tablet was rather uncomfortable and the industry responded with smaller versions of their tablets.  Well, looks like we are going back to the big league (or at least that is what Samsung believes). First they were big, then they were small, and now they are ginormous!  As apple is set to release the iPad Pro this November with its 12.9” display, Samsung seems to have taken this whole size matters thing overboard by announcing its new Galaxy View.  The new Galaxy View is a horrendous 18.4” tablet which from the looks of it comes with an attached stand in the back so that you can prop it up. 

AzureCon 2015

Microsofts Excutive President of Cloud Computing Scott Guthrie delivered the keynote for this years Azurecon.  Mricosoft has really begun to take full charge of the cloud and is giving users, developers, and other IT lovers a look at new features and new services.  Enjoy.    

Coming Soon. Texting & Driving!

As it stands today, please do not text while driving.  In fact, the act of any distraction should not be undertaken while behind the wheel but Tesla has heard the concerns of its text addict clients and has now began beta testing of its autopilot feature which will be available this evening to all owners of a Tesla Model S and Model X SUV.       Although Elon Musk stated that the fully self-driving car from Tesla are a few years away the new Model X does offer its users Back to the Future DeLorean style doors.  Until that day comes, please put your phones down and keep your eyes on the road.    Check out more here:



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