Coming Soon. Texting & Driving!

As it stands today, please do not text while driving.  In fact, the act of any distraction should not be undertaken while behind the wheel but Tesla has heard the concerns of its text addict clients and has now began beta testing of its autopilot feature which will be available this evening to all owners of a Tesla Model S and Model X SUV.       Although Elon Musk stated that the fully self-driving car from Tesla are a few years away the new Model X does offer its users Back to the Future DeLorean style doors.  Until that day comes, please put your phones down and keep your eyes on the road.    Check out more here:,2817,2493183,00.asp?mailing_id=1481558&mailing=whatsnewnow&mailingID=9014C2C7549FA579B3D913A02AE17877     Final Note for everyone… Tesla Cars are charged by direct current (DC)… wasn’t that invented by Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla’s competitor? Just saying.

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