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As we begin to see commercials and advertisements for the latest gadgets coming this holiday some of use will momentarily reflect upon our old gadgets that are either broken, in storage, or just siting on the shelf.  As the holidays are quickly approaching, perhaps a few of us will be receiving a new piece of tech.  For those privileged individuals how will be receiving the best new gadgets the question is, what do we do with our old technology?   First option is to just throw out old electronics.  This can be a major issue since most, if not all, modern electronics contain toxic materials such ad lead or mercury.  Many waste disposal firms will not allow the disposal of such products through conventional means, yet many offer recycling services for such devices.  Check out Flood Brothers Disposal based out of Chicago.   How about making a few bucks on the products you don’t use any more.  Sites like ebay and craigslist will allow you to turn those devices you are not using into cash.  Begin by searching what similar products are listed or selling for as used and see if you can’t make enough to purchase new gadgets.      If you are going to be selling or even recycling your electronics be sure to protect yourself first.  Back up whatever you would like to keep!   Use a portable hard drive or even a cloud service to help you store your data.  Dropbox is a great service for backing up everything you have.  If you are disposing a hard drive first be sure to wipe it clean.  I would even urge you to physically remove your hard drives and insure it is destroyed by a professional such as Iron Mountain.  With cellphones, you simply need to just restore you phone to its factory settings.    Find out more about how to handle your non used electronics here:

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