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Oh Slam!!!!! first I was

Oh Slam!!!!! first I was referring to the type of TV, and I'm very confident and determined to complete any project I start, I know how to use a multimeter and have repaired several circuit boards traveling the country as an LED repair tech repair the the large streets signs that flash/ scroll text messages and pictures, I'll admit their design was simple and it's been a few years and I may be a little rusty, I simply asked if you could recommend a decent multimeter since I can't afford to drop $300 on a Fluke or another brand for around $50, I know a cheap $10 would work but it's something I know I'll use regularly. It's not rocket science and knowledge is power. I believe the best way to learn is hands on by trying something new. If you "stick with what you know" you will never grow!

I paid close to 2K for this tv in 2005 and determined to fix it myself along with the help and guidance of my new found friends on this great community.

No slaming here just being

No slaming here just being real. You would be very surprised at just how much harder electronic repair is than building something that shoots a flame out of it. A saying comes to mind "if it were that easy women and children would do it". if you are serious about dabling in electronics I would suggest a meter with a transistor checker built in or atleast a diode function which you will most likely use quiet often. It's no curve tracer but it will get you by. As long as you are willing I will continue to throw suggestions at you that I have encountered with these sets. Let me know about the resistors.

Thanks for you recommendation

Thanks for you recommendation on what to look for in a Multimeter, I'll get back to you after I test the resistors. I could have probably taken the easy way out by buying the repair kit and change out the parts to get it working but I wouldn't have learned anything. Best way to learn is hands on, identifying the problem to get the solution, along with the guidance of experienced technicians like yourself. I appreciate the help.

Hi Larry,

Hi Larry,

I have a WS-65511 TV that would not turn off or change the channels, volume or anything on the remote. Pressed the reset button TV went off and now nothing. Could this be simular to the flashing green light. Do you have a manual for this model? Thanks in at vance.

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Hi Larry, I have a WS-65511

Hi Larry, I have a WS-65511 tv. everything worked with the Cox cable box, but the TV would not turn off. I pressed the Reset button and the TV went off now I have the flashing green LED (power). please send me the information on the diodes.


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Checked it and it shows 12

Checked it and it shows 12 what could it be?

12 Means no error. Try again

12 Means no error. Try again or you have the BGLOD.

Dan T.
I need help. I replaced the 7

I need help. I replaced the 7 capacitors in Mitsubishi ws-55111 rear projection tv and still won't turn on. The blinking light on front will flash 2 times and then 2 more times over and over again. Before replacing the capacitors, it would blink once and then twice. Any idea what else could be wrong with this thing? I'd appreciate any help. Can't afford to call a repair man.

The 22 code is short protect.

The 22 code is short protect. You have plugged something in wrong or not plugged something in at all or placed the caps in backwards.

Hi There,

Hi There,
I've read, re-read and again re-read the instructions in regards to the Blinking Green Light and purchased the upgrade capacitors (1000uf / 35v / 105 degrees) but when I got into the guts of my TV I found that the original capacitors are different than the 65 model that you guys are talking about. It has 1000uf / 16v / 105 degrees capacitors and they all look fine and no bulge. I own the WS-48511 Mitsubishi. I have the Green Blinking Light and have not been able to engage any sort of error codes by pushing the front panel buttons. So, I figured I would just replace the capacitors anyway but quickly found that the height of the new capacitors recommended here would not clear my case that the DM Board fits into. I ended up going back to a 1000uf / 25v / 105 and they fit just fine. Even though the old ones didn't show any signs of being dead, this fixed my problem. I'm a complete novice but you guys saved me a ton of money so thanks!! I'm feeling cocky and may try to figure out how to fix this little burn in and the speaker hum.

I have a Mitsubishi WS-48511

I have a Mitsubishi WS-48511 and I moved my TV so me and my son could put up the christmas tree now I got the flashin light of death I need help all the money is on my sons chrismas PLEASE HELP

Do you have the original

Do you have the original remote? Its needed to go access the tv's factory default settings. I have found doing a "factory" reset from the remote "not" the reset on the front corrects this error. Good luck.

Hello! I have a mitsubish WS

Hello! I have a mitsubish WS-65869 with the fast green blinking light. I found info on what problem may be and brought new capacitors to a repair shop to have them solder them in. The guy first checked the fuse next to them and it was dead. The capacitors were not damaged per repairman and would just replace fuse. I reinstalled everything with the new fuse in place and still get the fast blinking light. I have read online there can be a code to how fast the green light blinks but mine is continuous and fast. I was also told that what made fuse blow in first place could cause it again! Any ideas for me ? Thanknyou

Dustyfeather, Replace the

Dustyfeather, Replace the Capacitors......

I have Mitsubishi dlp TV it

I have Mitsubishi dlp TV it will get to blue welcome screen and that's it. It has blinking green light on front power button



Not sure if you're still monitoring this thread. But I just started having the blinking green light issue. Can you send info to [email protected]?

Thanks Larry!


Hi,  I have a Mitsubish LT-46164. The green light started blinking and will not stop. I have tried disconnecting and shutting off the power for up to a week at a time.  I have taken the back off of the tv off and when I plug the power cord in I see a single red flashing light in a circuit board which is located on the upper part of the TV just right of the center line of the TV. There is a metal cover over the board. That is the only activity within the tv. The light flashes at a constant continuous rate. The ON light in the front of the tv continues to flash green.  I took the cover off the board and do not see any swollen capacitors.  Can you provide some info / direction.  My email is [email protected] Thank you. 
Larry, WS 48515. Mitsubishi HDMI 1080 Integrated  green blinking power light, repair process please. [email protected] very much appreciate your help.



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