Understanding Sony Television Blinking Codes

Many of the later model Sony TV’s have a built in self-diagnosis function. If the timer/standby indicator is blinking, this could be an indication of a problem with the unit. The diagnostic blinking will occur automatically with no action required by you to engage it.

The timing of the blinking you see would be as follows: two to nine blinks, (depending on the fault), about a third of a second apart, then a pause for 3 seconds, then the two to nine blinks about a third of a second apart again.

Here is a list of the problems that might have occurred indicated by the number of blinks. The words in parentheses are those, which you will see for each of these faults on a diagnosis screen described later in this article.

  • Unit is dead, No blinks - Problem in the standby power section. Might check fuse, R607, Q601, IC601, R612 and VDR601 (should show open).
  • Continuous blink once a second, no pausing - No reply from the jungle IC301 (data bus is busy, shorted to ground, or held high), IK video path is defective.
  • One blink - not used for the self-diagnosis
  • Two blinks - B+ over current protection (OCP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 2 blink fault. Could be a short in the power supply of any of the circuits.
  • Three blinks - B+ over voltage protection (OVP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 3 blink fault. This is also a problem in the power supply circuit, check T603 and R672.
  • Four blinks - No vertical Deflection (V STOP), Screen goes to a single horizontal line then the video signal muted. Check IC1509, Q1505
  • Five blinks - AKB circuit (automatic kine bias), the timer/standby indicator blinks for about 30 seconds then goes to the self-diagnosis function. Something is wrong with the video. Check video out, Q705, 732, 761 and other components on the C board, also check Q218, 219, 220 on the A board. In addition, unit could be in IK blanking, try turning up screen slightly.
  • Six blinks - No Horizontal (H STOP), no raster, goes to the blinking self-diagnosis function immediately. Check C515 & 516 and the jungle IC, IC206.
  • Seven blinks - High voltage shutdown. The high voltage has exceeded 33k and the unit goes immediately into safety shutdown. Check power supply regulation and horizontal circuits.
  • Eight blinks - Problem with the audio (AUDIO), unit goes to standby and blinks the self-diagnosis code. Check IC406 audio amp, PS401, and 402. On some projection models of Sony TV sets, this code means that T8005 (flyback transformer), or the associative components in the high voltage circuits are defective on the D board.

  • Nine blinks - Replace D 6116 and D 6301 on the "G" board, do not resolder as this will fix the problem temporary. Or Panel Module Error or Thermal Error. If it is intermittent 9 blinks, meaning sometimes the TV comes on and other times you get flashing, then change the switching regulator on the "G" board or check connections. Make sure the regulator is -12 or -13 (negitive).
  • Ten blinks - Check Q8014 and Q8013 for shorts, leakage, or bad solder connections on the " D" board. If the transistors are bad, check R8051 and IC8005, also on the "D" board.

Intermittent problems? This is a great feature. You can also bring up these fault codes on-screen to see a list of the problem numbers with the abbreviation of the problem and the number of times this problem has occurred. This is slightly different than entering the service mode. To see the diagnostic screen, press the following buttons: Display, Channel, 5, volume Minus, ( not plus ) then Power. This brings up a screen with a list of the problems and number of times they have occurred. Each of the problems named, are abbreviated as, "OCP", "OVP", "V STOP", ETC. We have repeated them in parentheses in the text for the "Blinks" described above so you can correlate between the diagnostic screen and the blink codes.

Now that you know about these self-diagnostics, how do you use them? Say that you have a set with a black screen. You see that the LED is blinking four times. This would tell you that you have no vertical sweep, which is why the video is muted. If it was blinking 6 times, you would know that you have a horizontal fault. It's not a sure cure..

IMPORTANT: After you repair the unit, you MUST clear the values on this diagnostic screen. These codes do not reset themselves after the fault is corrected, so if you don't clear them, you'll be seeing "old" fault codes the next time you enter this screen. Clearing is done by going into the service mode (display, channel, 5, volume plus, then power ). Press 8 and Enter, which returns everything to the factory preset condition.


ok so the snapping my lamp into place worked but after about 2 hours now its off again and blinking 3 times again. I am very aggravated with this tv!! it blinks rainbow 2 xs then green 3 xs then red 3 xs?

I have a Sony Rear Projection tv that does not turn on. Model # KP-51WS500
When I turn on the tv, it does not display any picture or audio, it simply turns itself off. But as I push the power button it does this code of blinking. 3 blinks slowly, 7 blinks rapidly, then theres a pause of atleast a few seconds, and it does a repeating pattern from time to time of just 6 blinks.

I purchased one of these Sony KP-51hw40 for about 3'. Nothing but trouble,,,how about a class action vs Sony? They all suck,,, everyone I know bought one got ripped off!

Hi there,
My problem with my sony 32' tv, modle kv32fq86 standby keeps flashing (16 times then pause)Pleeeeeease help me.

Sony model KP46WT500, 6 blinks. Pulled out the G board (power board). Dont know where to go from there, and or if its the right place to start.

I have an old Sony KV 32S42 Trinitron tv. Today it when dead and won't turn on. I have the 2 blinks code. I try to turn it on and it turns right off immediatly by itself.
Is there a service manual I can use to diagnose and correct the problem? I am an electronics tech and can do it, but need some help. Thanks.

very interesting information, but my question is, does this blinking codes apply for every sony tv's??????????
because i see that there is people describing their issues with CRTs, PROJECTION TVs etc.. thank you in advance =]

my 50 inch sony won't come on it blinks 5 times pause and just keeps doing this. I already unplugged and it just keeps doing the same thing. It a projection tv

Purchased my Sony in 04, model # KV-32FS120, SR#4033708. The Stand by/Timer light flashes 5x's. After 4 days I hit the power button & the tv came on w/perfect reception. I turned off the tv 2-3 hrs later. The red light is flashing again & w/not turn on. This tv is very heavy so difficult to get to a shop. Wondering if it is worth the $ & effort to fix it? Also how do you discard if choose not to fix it. Thanks

Tv sa mi vypina. Zmizne mi obraz aj zvuk. v intervaloch mi 3 krat blika cervena kontrolka. po opatovnom zapnuti sa intervaly vypinania skracuju. prosim o radu, dakujem

Thank you! We do have a language barrier though. What language is this?

Switched my old Ma's TV off at the mains and am getting the standard one blink green standby light. From the codes I guess this means data bus busy. Any ideas how to sort it greatly appreciated.

Hi Ted - same problem here with my Sony Bravia TV... went out during a storm and never came back on. Continuous 9 red blinks... maddening.
Did you find out anything?

many thanks,

I need help with a triniton xbr 40" sony tv. It blinks continuosly and wont turn on. Anyone have a repair manual?

My light is blinking 7 times what do i do my tv is a 2001XBR

Hi there,

my sony kdl-40sl140 will not turn on and flashes red twice. When I try to turn it on it just blinks green momentarily but does nothing. The red constantly flashes twice every several seconds. Please help?!?!?!?!?

Hi there,

my sony kdl-40sl140 will not turn on and flashes red twice. When I try to turn it on it just blinks green momentarily but does nothing. The red constantly flashes twice every several seconds. Please help?!?!?!?!?


I have a Sony KDS60A2000. Today the screen went out. When i turn on the TV the power light blinks green for at least 30 times. Next, the lamp light blinks red continuously. I have tried removing the bulb door as some have suggested but the problem still persists. Any help would greatly be appreciated.



I have a sony model # KP-53H830 after i turn it on the power indicator light blinks six, (6) times, the sony web page tells me to check, " C515 and 516 and the jungle IC, IC206. How would i go about doing this? Is this something i can repair myself?

I was wondering if someone could please email me the KP46WT520 service manual. My TV blinks 10 time and then 9 times repetitively and eventually turns on from 2 minutes to an hour and a half. I ordered the two sets of diodes but would really appreciate a manual since I have never sordered on a TV Gboard.

email is [email protected]


I have a Sony KDF42We655. When I turn it on the standby light flashes green 57 times then flashed red five times pauses then flashes 5 times again- It will continus to flash 5 times until it is unplugged. Any thoughts on what might be the problem? I no longer have a use for the TV, but do not want to trash it if I can repair it cheap and sell it or bust it apart and sell for parts.

I have a Sony KDF42We655 - when I turn it on the standby light flashes green 57 times then starts a cycle of flashing red 5 times pausing then 5 red flashes and pauses again. It will keep flashing 5 time in red until I unplug it. Any thoughts on what might be the problem? I no longer need the TV but do not want to trash it if I can get it repaired cheap and sell it or tear it apart and sell the used parts.

I have a KP46wt510 projection tv that blinks 6 times, do you know what the issue is?

My sony trinitron (model kv-36fs120) is having issues. The timer/standby light is blinking 9 times with power off. Is there a remedy to resolve this problem?Any help would be greatly appreciated.

my sony tv just went out while playing my Wii. Screen went blank and heard a popping noise. then standby light just blinks for ever

My sony flashes blue then shutsoff with the timer/stand by light flashing 8 times which is the audio. What do i do and what is the expense?

My Sony KV36FS12 picture has turned very "soft" like pastel. The red light blinks 5 times continuously. The TV is probably close to 10 years old. What could be wrong?

I have a kdf50e2000 and when I turn it on the green light comes on and then back to standby mode and then blinks three times over and over. I looked at your blink code deaL and it says its a T603 and a R672 is this right and where do i find these parts in the tv Thanks

I have a Sony LCD Projection TV model KDF-55xs955. TV wont turn on. When pressing power, the green "Standby" light blinks 5 times then the red light blinks 6 times continuously. You say its there is a horizontal fault? does this have to do with the power supply capacitors? Can I repair it at a low cost?

I have the KDL-40S2000 to and it just went out the other night and the standby blinks 4 times-pauses and blinks again. What do I do to fix it.

KDL-40S2000 just went out the other night and the standby blinks 4 times-pauses and blinks again. Please help

mam sony trinitron po zapnuti sa nezapne a zacne svietit tri krat cervena kontrolka ,poradi my niekto s tim problemom ako ho odstranit???.dakujem.

I have a 36" Sony Trinitron. When turned on, the standby blinks continuously. The sound comes on immediately but it takes a good 3 to 4 minutes or so for the picture to come on. All the while, the blinking. The color in the picture looks like it is starting to go - has an overall greenish hue.
I've read the article above, but do not see a solution for my issue. Any info or input? Thank You!

Tengo un televisor sony KV-29DRC420 el cual mande a repara por que cuando prendia solo salia el audio y de ahi se apaga por completo y el piloto parpadeaba 7 veces , lo lleve a ceser que es un centro de reparacion de sony aca en peru y me dijeron que el board estaba cruzado y que tenian que remplazarlo, bueno acepte y me cobraron caro, ahora ya lo recogi pero a surgido un nuevo problema al dia siguiente de haberlo recogido ya en la casa y utlizandolo la imagen comenzo a perder calidad como que se desenfoca, y se arregla cuando lo apago y prendo pero de ahi vuelve adesenfocarse y asi esta intermitente las letras pequeñas en los sudtitulos no se pueden leer, les agredeceria su consejos

I have a Sony Projection TV (KDF-E60A20) that i'm having a problem with. When I turn it on the power/standby light is flashing red 5 times will wait about 10 seconds and then flash in the sequence again until I touch the power button again. then the tv will come on but after about 5 minutes the screen will go black and the volume goes with it. What could this be?

Thanks much,

Mine blinks 4 times...Check IC1509, Q1505. What is this and how do I fix my TV?

Hi, I have a Sony trinitron kv27fs200. It works fine and then the picture will go dark. The light will flash 5 times wait then 5 times again. And the picture will come back on and then the same over and over. I can't find the remote and on sony web sight I can't get another one. Thank you

My sony comes on but click into standby

I have a model # kdf-60xs955 265hz. My problem is the picture is going in and out every 20-30 seconds. Is this a bulb that is about to burn out? I can change channels and video options when the picture turns black(but cannot tell what channel or video option) and it will be on what I have selected blindly when it turns back on. There is no clicking in the tv when this does this.

When I first turn on the tv the audio comes on for a few seconds and then turns off automatically. The blinking thing starts 7 times then a few second pause then 7 more times. Is it high voltage. What do I do? I have used Sony tvs for 40 years and this is the first problem I've ever had. I'm so frustrated.

We have a sony trinitron model KV-36HS510. Its now blinking 6 times. We have just been trying to unplug it for a few hours hoping it would reset itself. What's the best way to fix this problem?

Hello, i have a sony wega KLV 21sG2...its ok as long as i dont turn it off....i turned it off last night now wont turn on...green light is on just no picture or sound...it did this the other day..i played with it and got it to work, but couldnt figure it out today. Any idease=?

My problem on my tv 2988UE, because the error code settings, can't display the picture only sound, so how can I restore these settings back to normal? or factory setting....thanks

haloo...My problem on my tv 2988UE type, because the error code settings, can't display the picture only sound, so how can I restore these settings back to normal? or factory setting....thanks.

My problem on my tv 2988UE type, because the error code settings, can't display the picture only sound, so how can I restore these settings back to normal? or factory setting..... thanks

My TV Model KDL-40V3000 the standby light timer flashin 16 so please can any one tell me where is this probelm

My TV SONY Model KDL-40V3000 the standby timer light flashing is 16 so can anyone tell me what's this problem .

i have a 34 inch widescreen wega i do not know the model number because i am trying to avoid pulling this beast out until i know whats wrong with it. it weighs 201 lbs. but i can tell you its a 2003 or 2004 model and its giving me 6 blinks from the standby light when i turn it on but nothing else happens. any help would be greatly apreciated. i use it as a computer monitor and have gotten spoiled by the size. im back to a 21 inch and its just not the same.
thanx in advance. if you really need the model ill get it but when i lugged this thing into my back office i was soar fo rtwo days and dont want to move this thing until i have too.
i am as always

how i can clean the codes after the part have been change?

Does anyone have the RA-4A service manual available that they can either email to me or post for download?  (I checked the list and didn't see it)

I just receiveed a Sony KP-61XBR300 from a family member.  It was working for about 30 minutes then the picture began to get wavy.  After about 1-2 minutes of wavyness I lost picture and sound.  The timer/standby light now blinks 6 times.

I would appreciate any help anyone can provide but I would also need a service manual/schematics to try any fixes.

Thank You in advance for any help!



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