Understanding Sony Television Blinking Codes

Many of the later model Sony TV’s have a built in self-diagnosis function. If the timer/standby indicator is blinking, this could be an indication of a problem with the unit. The diagnostic blinking will occur automatically with no action required by you to engage it.

The timing of the blinking you see would be as follows: two to nine blinks, (depending on the fault), about a third of a second apart, then a pause for 3 seconds, then the two to nine blinks about a third of a second apart again.

Here is a list of the problems that might have occurred indicated by the number of blinks. The words in parentheses are those, which you will see for each of these faults on a diagnosis screen described later in this article.

  • Unit is dead, No blinks - Problem in the standby power section. Might check fuse, R607, Q601, IC601, R612 and VDR601 (should show open).
  • Continuous blink once a second, no pausing - No reply from the jungle IC301 (data bus is busy, shorted to ground, or held high), IK video path is defective.
  • One blink - not used for the self-diagnosis
  • Two blinks - B+ over current protection (OCP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 2 blink fault. Could be a short in the power supply of any of the circuits.
  • Three blinks - B+ over voltage protection (OVP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 3 blink fault. This is also a problem in the power supply circuit, check T603 and R672.
  • Four blinks - No vertical Deflection (V STOP), Screen goes to a single horizontal line then the video signal muted. Check IC1509, Q1505
  • Five blinks - AKB circuit (automatic kine bias), the timer/standby indicator blinks for about 30 seconds then goes to the self-diagnosis function. Something is wrong with the video. Check video out, Q705, 732, 761 and other components on the C board, also check Q218, 219, 220 on the A board. In addition, unit could be in IK blanking, try turning up screen slightly.
  • Six blinks - No Horizontal (H STOP), no raster, goes to the blinking self-diagnosis function immediately. Check C515 & 516 and the jungle IC, IC206.
  • Seven blinks - High voltage shutdown. The high voltage has exceeded 33k and the unit goes immediately into safety shutdown. Check power supply regulation and horizontal circuits.
  • Eight blinks - Problem with the audio (AUDIO), unit goes to standby and blinks the self-diagnosis code. Check IC406 audio amp, PS401, and 402. On some projection models of Sony TV sets, this code means that T8005 (flyback transformer), or the associative components in the high voltage circuits are defective on the D board.

  • Nine blinks - Replace D 6116 and D 6301 on the "G" board, do not resolder as this will fix the problem temporary. Or Panel Module Error or Thermal Error. If it is intermittent 9 blinks, meaning sometimes the TV comes on and other times you get flashing, then change the switching regulator on the "G" board or check connections. Make sure the regulator is -12 or -13 (negitive).
  • Ten blinks - Check Q8014 and Q8013 for shorts, leakage, or bad solder connections on the " D" board. If the transistors are bad, check R8051 and IC8005, also on the "D" board.

Intermittent problems? This is a great feature. You can also bring up these fault codes on-screen to see a list of the problem numbers with the abbreviation of the problem and the number of times this problem has occurred. This is slightly different than entering the service mode. To see the diagnostic screen, press the following buttons: Display, Channel, 5, volume Minus, ( not plus ) then Power. This brings up a screen with a list of the problems and number of times they have occurred. Each of the problems named, are abbreviated as, "OCP", "OVP", "V STOP", ETC. We have repeated them in parentheses in the text for the "Blinks" described above so you can correlate between the diagnostic screen and the blink codes.

Now that you know about these self-diagnostics, how do you use them? Say that you have a set with a black screen. You see that the LED is blinking four times. This would tell you that you have no vertical sweep, which is why the video is muted. If it was blinking 6 times, you would know that you have a horizontal fault. It's not a sure cure..

IMPORTANT: After you repair the unit, you MUST clear the values on this diagnostic screen. These codes do not reset themselves after the fault is corrected, so if you don't clear them, you'll be seeing "old" fault codes the next time you enter this screen. Clearing is done by going into the service mode (display, channel, 5, volume plus, then power ). Press 8 and Enter, which returns everything to the factory preset condition.


I read above if it is blinking 3 times its a t603 and R672. What does this mean?

I have a sony Trinitron model KV-32s42... its doing the continuous blinking on he stand by light...i have no picture and no sound...how do i fix this problem...(it started occurring after some breakers were turned off and on a few time while the TV was on)

MY tv blinks 8 times.
HOw do i solve this?

bought a Sony KP61HS10 and when I plugged it in the picture was blurry. The color was there and I had sound. But then the picture starts to blink on and off. Not in any time fashion. The red light on the timer blinks 5 times - off for 3 secs. and then 5 blinks. It continues this. Any thoughts on what is wrong?

I have a similar problem as a few do on here. I have a Sony KDF-60XS955 and what happens is the picture and sound go out together and then the stand by green led flashes 37 times but what I think is happening is that the bulb is overheating so the tv shuts down and waits for th ebulb to cool then turns back on when temperature is ok around say like 15 - 20 seconds in all. Can this be just a bulb problem??? I have around 13,750 hours on my bulb seen throigh diagnostics menu. anyone out there with this problem please help. I thought i seen on a similar site that if the bulb goes over 6000 hours the lamp light may not light to tell you a bulb is needed but I don;t know how true this is.

I have a sony kv-28fdie -ge1-chassi power on ,led blinks 3 times,nothing more

I have a sony kv-28fd1e --chasi-ge1 power on,,led blink 3 times,,noting more

I have a 40" Trinitron model #KV-40XBR800 blinking diagnostic code 6. You mentioned C515, C516, and IC206 as possible solutions. I've only been able to locate C515 (on board A) so far, and I have no idea where the jungle board is. Do you have a schematic avalable for this model? Or could you please describe the location of the other components? And if the afore mentioned components aren't bad, how else can I find out what the problem is? Thank you so much for your time.

Want to warn everyone that those sony blinking light codes work for some sony tv NOT all sony TV. I have a sony kds-r60xbr2 and the blinking light was going off 4 times which by the website means that my v-stop has stopped working. My TV doesn't even have a V-stop. 4 blinking lights on my TV means the the main fan has stopped working b/c it has broke or most likely b/c of to much dust in it. It took me about 15 seconds to blow off the dust from the fan and stuck a screwdriver in the fan and spun it around and POOF like magic it started working agian. I strongly advise to go to a sony website or actually get a sony repair manual online to actually find out what the blinking lights mean. The blinking codes mean different things on different TV's

how to check the codes if the screen does not come on? my stand by light blinks 10 times then sometimes 5 times.

hi, my sony kp-53hs10 red light blinks all the time blink blink blink never stops, what is wrong with my tv and what part could i get for it, thanks

my sony tv kp-53hs10 red light blinks two times and stops and blikes two times again cam enyone help? thanks paul

my sony tv red light blinks two times and stops and then blinks two times again and stops, kp-53hs10 thanks paul

hey larry i've read your article on blinking codes and i have the kv-34hs510, it blinks 6 times. i want to fix it myself as i'm really handy with electronics, do you have the schematics for this model if so can you email it to me at [email protected] i would really appreciate it allot. oh and the service manual also if you have it.
thanks you,

luv this communication, this info really could help, i'm gona check it out

Hi,I have a KDS-R60XBR1 Sony Projecyion TV ,when I turn it on,standby LED flashing with no picture nad no sound (tv dead) Then LED turn on solid after 3 minutes still dead. If anyone can help me how to repair it ,thank you

I have a Sony Projection tv that the lamp had went out and after I replaced it but ever since my lamp door has been I guess melting. So I have searched for a lamp door and cannot find one anywhere that sells them. Does anyone know where I could find one.

Wow All Of These Post Sound So familier .. We have a Sony Kp-65w500 And The problem started out With A Blue Tint Across The whole screen And Now It does Not Power On Anymore .. when u press The Power button on In blinks very fast Four Times then goes into 6 blinks Then Pauses Then Another 6 Blinks all day long .. Can Anyone give Me An Insight Of hwta The Problem Can Be ... Thank u

I have a KV-HR36M31 which is now showing a 10-blink error. Whatever this means and how it is to be repaired (Sydney, Australia) is limited by the portability of a 90kg machine. Can anyone recomend a reliable repairer who does house calls?

what is 12 blinks? It is a KP 53S15 and has wasboard or louver Multipel vert foldover.. I think it is in the D board but some think its in the G, can't see it being the G. Anybody have a tech note on this?



My Sony Wega kv-32fs120 is not turning on. Seems to be blinking in series of 10 blinks and no display or audio.
I did get it to turn one once and everything was functional. But since then just the blinking lights
Is it possible to receive board diagrams and possible solutions.
I'd like to try to repair it myself, otherwise it would not be worth keeping.


PTS TV Boards has rebuilt boards for various models as does Folton Electronics in New York 1-800-248-0898 they also have Tech notes and some solutions to problems. Yours sounds like convergence problems to me.

Hi.. i have a sony bravia 50"
turned it on and it went off on2 standby..the red led flashes 3 times then pause then repeats?? any help wud b appreciated thanks

i have a sony trinitron kv34hs510 it stopped working standby light blinked 7 times technician came replaced surge protector now tv turns on but goesfrom black to redthen flicks 3 times then off what do i do im $300 into this thing already. Please help before my wife kills me...lol

when i turn on my sony tv it will wait for a monment then it will start blink ever 5 second and won't stop.can you help me?

our tv is blinking 6 times and we have no picture, it turns itself off after a few seconds of being turned on? HELP!!!! What can we do. The codes of C515 and 516 and Jungle IC and IC206 is completely foreign to us.

Have a FD Trinitron WEGA KV-36FV15. Was working fine until I moved it from one room to another room.
The sound works as well as changing channels. Problem is no picture and constant blinking, no pauses.
If you have an idea of what the problem could be, I would like to attemp to do the repair.

my sony 32'' trinatron wegea keeps blinking the red light blinks 5-9 times then the picture and sound goes out

I need help my TV is less than 2 years old its a Sony Bravia kdl-40W3000 and all of a sudden stopped working today the standby light is blinking 13 times it turns on but then right away shuts off. How do I fix it or what's the best solution any help would me great thanks in advance

Anyone know how to fix this thing when there are 5 blinks? I hear the TV making a noise as it is turning on/off, but get no sound or picture.

I have a Sony, Model KV-36HS500. I am getting 7 red blinks. My tv doesn't come on for a couple days then you try it & it will work for 4-5 days then not turn on again. It's about 8 yrs old & I don't want to spend over $250 to get it fixed. What do you think?

Mike C

I have a KDL40S2000 Sony LCD t.v. that powers up and will operate for a few minutes then the screen goes blank then the standby light blinks 4 times. I've checked the power supplies and after it blanks out all the supplies go to zero. I did notice that when the t.v. is working the 10.5 volt power supply is reading about 12.4 volts which seems quite high for a regulated supply. All other supplies, 18 volt, 15 volt seem to read okay when working. Any ideas?

I have a Sony KDL40S2000 that turns on for a few minutes then picture goes out and standby light blinks 4 times. I've checked the power supplies before it fails and found that the 10.5 volt supply is running at 12.4 volts which seems high for a regulated supply. After it fails all supplies go to zero and standby light blinks. Any suggestions? All other power supplies, 18volt, 15 volt etc. seem within range before it fails.

After a more careful inspection I found that the power supply I thought was a regulated supply is actually an unregulated suppy. Therefore the voltage is acceptable. Followed other links and am finding that the inverter board may highly be the culprit.

I have a Sony Wega KDF55E2000 that does not turn on. It blinks the red light 4 times continuously. what is this code pointing to.

I have a Sony KP-51WS500 and Im getting 6 Blinks...

?Six blinks - No Horizontal (H STOP), no raster, goes to the blinking self-diagnosis function immediately. Check C515 & 516 and the jungle IC, IC206.

Can someone tell me where I can go to find out WHAT this means??? PLEASE

C515 and 516 are capacitors. More than likely they are electrolytic. You can test them for shorts and charging capability with an analog voltmeter set to rx10 or higher. IC206 should be labelled on the P.C. board as well as the capacitors. I thimk they want you to visually check the I.C.

I know this is an old post but considering theses tvs don't screw up all at the same time, I am sure many people will find this post for years to come.
My problem is that I was given a KP46WT520 from my mom and it had the 9 blink G board problem. I was able to identify the 2 diodes suggested to replace, but not having any soldering skills, I sent the board off. I just got it back today.

When I turned the tv on for the first time it blinked quite a few times. I think it was about 12 times. I thought I had wasted my money, but after a few times the tv turned on. Now when I turn it on it blinks 5 times and turns on fine. I never had this tv when it was new or operational so I don't know if it always blinked 5 times and turned on, or if something else is wrong. The picture looks fine and everything seems to be functioning okay.

It doesn't pick up free HD channels like my other tv does, but I guess this is b/c it is older and needs a box to get HD channels. Can someone let me know if the 5 blinks are normal.

Okay I just moved the tv into its final resting spot. I plugged everything back in and when I turned it on, it blinked 12 times and came on. Then if you turn if off and on again it blinks 5 times. The picture looks fine and everything works great. I know the company I sent it to has fixed quite a few of these and I tried to make sure they tested it before and after fixing and supposedly they do. It is possible they have bypassed something on the g board that makes it work fine, yet blink?
Any ideas would be appreciated. BTW it cost $85 bucks to fix plus shipping to them. They paid to ship it back.

My Sony Bravia KDL-40EX600 wont turn on, the standby light looks normal, I tried to turn it on a few times but after about 3 seconds, it turns off again. Then after a few times trying to turn it on, no lights appeared, then it starts with the standby light blinking 7 times and then a pause for 3 seconds and then 7 times again...

I was just reading the sony blink codes PDF and it says after repairing the tv to clear values and return it to factory presets. I don't want to mess anything up now that I have fixed my tv. Is this recommended?

I have a Sony XL2200 for KDF-XS955. The stand by light blinks 3 times.
I understand that there is a problem with the power supply circuit, but how can I repair this?

You would have to find which power supply is causing the problem the look at the components associated with that supply. As mentioned in previous posts I would look for capacitors that are bulging or damaged. They will dry out with age and cause problems.

We have a Sony XBR Trinatron. About 7 years old. Its flashing 6 times on the stand by. ADoes anyone have any ides on the cost or cause of this? Is there anything I can do? It wont turn on at all. You can hear it turn on and then off.

Larry: I am having the same problem everyone else is i turn tv on green light blinks then red light blinks 3 times and that is it I change the micro switch because that was supposed to be the problem nop the tv is till doing the same thing 3 red blinks can you please help me. I have no more ideas .

I have a Sony KDS-50A2000 (Full HD 1080) TV. I turn it on and then it shuts off immediately. The red power light flashes 3 times and then pause and then repeats itself again and again. I have tried turning it on and off several times, shutting the TV power right off and then on. Nothing is working. If anyone can help me figure this out it would be so appreciated!!!

Larry: I have Sony projection TV KP-51WS510 with the eight (8) blink code. The service manual definitively says "T8005 is faulty." T8005 is 1-453-285-51 FBT ASSY, NX 4006/X4/P4". I have located T8005 on the D board schematic. 1. Should I trust the service manual RE: diagnosis? 2. Is this part replacement practical to do? 3. Do you have any pointers on how to do it? 4. Can you tell me where to purchase the part? Many Thanks

I have a Sony KV36hs500 with common stand by shut down upon start up. For a week, it would fire up after being unplugged over night. Stand by codes were 6 and 7 blinking red lights. Now it will not turn on at all. Hi voltage buzz at turn-on, then standby shut down. Six light blinkin code now. Repair tips include replacing C6556 (33uF, 160v) Can anyone tell me or show me diagram for this repair? Thanks Rick W

i have a sony kf42we610 projection screen tv the lamp stopped working and gave me a 5 blink code i put a new lamp in and the thing still blinks 5 times must be the ballast? thanks in advance bruce

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