Understanding Sony Television Blinking Codes

Many of the later model Sony TV’s have a built in self-diagnosis function. If the timer/standby indicator is blinking, this could be an indication of a problem with the unit. The diagnostic blinking will occur automatically with no action required by you to engage it.

The timing of the blinking you see would be as follows: two to nine blinks, (depending on the fault), about a third of a second apart, then a pause for 3 seconds, then the two to nine blinks about a third of a second apart again.

Here is a list of the problems that might have occurred indicated by the number of blinks. The words in parentheses are those, which you will see for each of these faults on a diagnosis screen described later in this article.

  • Unit is dead, No blinks - Problem in the standby power section. Might check fuse, R607, Q601, IC601, R612 and VDR601 (should show open).
  • Continuous blink once a second, no pausing - No reply from the jungle IC301 (data bus is busy, shorted to ground, or held high), IK video path is defective.
  • One blink - not used for the self-diagnosis
  • Two blinks - B+ over current protection (OCP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 2 blink fault. Could be a short in the power supply of any of the circuits.
  • Three blinks - B+ over voltage protection (OVP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 3 blink fault. This is also a problem in the power supply circuit, check T603 and R672.
  • Four blinks - No vertical Deflection (V STOP), Screen goes to a single horizontal line then the video signal muted. Check IC1509, Q1505
  • Five blinks - AKB circuit (automatic kine bias), the timer/standby indicator blinks for about 30 seconds then goes to the self-diagnosis function. Something is wrong with the video. Check video out, Q705, 732, 761 and other components on the C board, also check Q218, 219, 220 on the A board. In addition, unit could be in IK blanking, try turning up screen slightly.
  • Six blinks - No Horizontal (H STOP), no raster, goes to the blinking self-diagnosis function immediately. Check C515 & 516 and the jungle IC, IC206.
  • Seven blinks - High voltage shutdown. The high voltage has exceeded 33k and the unit goes immediately into safety shutdown. Check power supply regulation and horizontal circuits.
  • Eight blinks - Problem with the audio (AUDIO), unit goes to standby and blinks the self-diagnosis code. Check IC406 audio amp, PS401, and 402. On some projection models of Sony TV sets, this code means that T8005 (flyback transformer), or the associative components in the high voltage circuits are defective on the D board.

  • Nine blinks - Replace D 6116 and D 6301 on the "G" board, do not resolder as this will fix the problem temporary. Or Panel Module Error or Thermal Error. If it is intermittent 9 blinks, meaning sometimes the TV comes on and other times you get flashing, then change the switching regulator on the "G" board or check connections. Make sure the regulator is -12 or -13 (negitive).
  • Ten blinks - Check Q8014 and Q8013 for shorts, leakage, or bad solder connections on the " D" board. If the transistors are bad, check R8051 and IC8005, also on the "D" board.

Intermittent problems? This is a great feature. You can also bring up these fault codes on-screen to see a list of the problem numbers with the abbreviation of the problem and the number of times this problem has occurred. This is slightly different than entering the service mode. To see the diagnostic screen, press the following buttons: Display, Channel, 5, volume Minus, ( not plus ) then Power. This brings up a screen with a list of the problems and number of times they have occurred. Each of the problems named, are abbreviated as, "OCP", "OVP", "V STOP", ETC. We have repeated them in parentheses in the text for the "Blinks" described above so you can correlate between the diagnostic screen and the blink codes.

Now that you know about these self-diagnostics, how do you use them? Say that you have a set with a black screen. You see that the LED is blinking four times. This would tell you that you have no vertical sweep, which is why the video is muted. If it was blinking 6 times, you would know that you have a horizontal fault. It's not a sure cure..

IMPORTANT: After you repair the unit, you MUST clear the values on this diagnostic screen. These codes do not reset themselves after the fault is corrected, so if you don't clear them, you'll be seeing "old" fault codes the next time you enter this screen. Clearing is done by going into the service mode (display, channel, 5, volume plus, then power ). Press 8 and Enter, which returns everything to the factory preset condition.


The Billster said:
My sony kp46w520 is blinking 10 ten times and wont come on. You may here sound for a moment and then it goes out. If I leave it off for about a week then it may turn on, but I cant turn it off or else ill be back at square 1. you wouldnt happen to have the service manual for this model would you?


 Try searching for service manuals on this site:   http://www.eserviceinfo.com/

Good Luck.


the service manual as well as an easy fix for your set are available here on your model of tv set. the repair is available in the forums, the-service manual is available in the technicians corner very easy and simple repair!!!!!!!

I have a 50' Sony Wega, the model number off the front is KDF-50E2000. It turns off after 2 mins or some times it takes hours. No audio or video. The power light turns from green to red and blinks 3 times then pause then 3 times and keeps repeating the cycle. What do u think seems to be the problem?

I have a Sony Wega model KV-36HS420 and the Standby red light blinks 7 times. The TV turns off after about 4 seconds, no picture. Help!

Mr. Larry Dillon. On four different occassions I had posted a request to clarify your answer in regards to the parts to check for a three blink error code for a KV- 36XBR800. The parts you said to check did not match the parts in the service manual except 1, the 6505 ic.
I am wondering why you never answered my 4 requests? Were you not able to find the correct p/n's?

I have a sony kdl40s2000, the standby light is blinking three times every second. can anyone help? is the power supply out?

I have a Sony KDF50E2000 it starts to turn on, no picture or sound and then green power light turns to red and flashes 5 times continualy. What might this mean?

NH my KDL-52W3000 just started the same 13 blink crap its less than 2 yrs old, did you figure out how to fix it or have it repaired? cost? my tries to come on witha buzz and shuts right off. came back on after a few days and still has the aweful buzz. help!!! i got 2 more sonys like this and i hope they dont all suck!

NH i am having the same 13 blink problem on my KDL52W3000 did you figure out what was wrong with it? cost etc...? mine comes on for only a second and buzz's and shuts off after sitting overnight it came back on but with the same loud buzzing. i have 2 other sonys like this i hope they dont all suck ass. all less than 2 yrs old. cany anyone hel p us with this 13 blink flashing stanby crap?

NH said:

KDL52W3000 is my model.

i never got the responce from you man, sorry.

Larry Dillon said:
how many times does the light blink?

Good day Larry!


Can u send me the schematic or service manual of SONY KP-FX432M91.

This site is very helpful to me as a TV Technician here in the Philippines.

More Power ,You're a big help to everyone. Thanks!


[email protected]


I have a Sony KD-34XBR970. I was watching it, and the screen just faded out and the standby light blinked 5-times over and over. I turned it off and now the standby light blinks 3-times and goes out. According to the article here this seems to indicate a power supply problem. I had an extended warranty on it, but the warranty company says the repair will be $450 (more than the set is worth they say). Seems a bit high to me. If I got a new power supply, what are the chances something else is wrong (i.e. original 5-blinks)?

BTW, the 3-blinks are typical of startup when the set was working. It would blink 3-times, the high-voltage would turn on, and the light would stop blinking and everything would be normal.

i have a sony kdsr60xbr1 rear projection tv. every coule of hours the picture goes blank and the green light flashes for about 15 t0 20 seconds and then tje picture comes back. does anyone know what this might be, they only talk about the red error codes. thanks

it could be a poor solder connection in the horizontal drive circuit or the power supply circuit.

My Sony rear proj is dark.when plugged in red light comes on and then blinks twice.
Thanks for your help.

sorry, cannot help you without a model or a chassis number we need more info to assist you if you really want it.
Larry Dillon.

I have a Sony rear projection TV Model KP-fx432M91. The trouble at first is 10 blinking codes, and i had read here to what parts has to be replaced, its the IC MCZ3001DB at the High Voltage supply board. The TV gets ok only for 2 days and the trouble is in there again. What do you think is the next step to be done? I need help for this matter.
jhun cruz

are there two of the same numbers of those ic's in that tv set????
Larry Dillon.

my sony kp-61v80 blinks twice.

it no longer turns on.
how do I repair

get a service manual, and check the low voltage power supply.

Larry Dillon said:
are there two of the same numbers of those ic's in that tv set????
Larry Dillon.

Yes, there are two MCZ3001DB, and i replace them both. I thought its already ok for a long time but ,it ,only takes 2 days then it goes off again, with 10 blinking codes. Can you advise what to do next for this trouble. Thanks in advance larry.

Please send me a copy of the schematics of KP-fx432M91 if you have one sir. Im looking forward to it, Thanks again.

hi larry,
i have a Sony KP-51HW40 and i was looking at your "Understanding Sony Television Blinking Codes" article.. My tv's stanby light blinks 8 times but it has green and some faded blue halos, then the screen turns all green then shuts off. i was wondering what could be the problem and how much it would be to get my tv back up.

the faded blue halos is most like an inexpensive convergence issue and not a big deal to fix it yourselves but the fact that the picture turns green is not good as the green picture tube is bad and has to be replaced and is not cheap to repair. about 300 or so I would say.
Larry Dillon.

skyworth massege when turning on the tv

skyworth massage wille iam turning on my sony tv and the screen is not opening well what should i do

Hello Larry. I could really use your help.

I bought my 60" KDS-60A2000 from Circuit City with an extended warranty plan. Have major trouble getting Advantage Protection (GE) to help. The tv would not turn on. It gave flashing green that would go to red, which I didn't count but now I wish I did after reading all the posts here. Anyways, everytime this happened I would un plug the tv, remove the lamp and spray all the dust out. Replace the lamp and the tv would go back to normal?

This has been going on for a most of a year. About 6 weeks ago it didn't work and turned out that I must have bumped the lamp or something cause it looked broken inside. I was forced to buy a new one for just over $200.00 and for the last 6 week all was fine but ti did it again this morning, So I opened it up, removed the lamp, blew all the dust out, put the lamp back in and I'm back in business. At least for now.

Can you please give me some trouble shooting tips and possible send me a repair guide/manuel.

Email address [email protected]

Please let me know.


Have a KDS-R60XBR1 sony tv... that goes into standby mode and than blinks 3 times. I have read it means a few different things... which is it and what would it cost to have it fixed

I have a Sony Wega KDF-55E2000. I install a new lamp but it still red light flashing 3 times. It work for 10 minutes and then blackout. Could it be the power supply or ballast?

I have a Sony KDL-40Z4500 which is only a couple of months old and while I was watching tv it powered off and the standby indicator started to flash. I didn't take notice of how many at the time but I think it was 3 times in succession. I then turned the power completely off by pulling the power plug and when I turned it back on it came on without a picture and strange japanese looking symbols for the component name. It shut down and started to flash 8 times with a pause. Can you please help as the manual just tells me to contact sony service.

i would call Sony if the set is only a couple of months old !!!!!!!
Larry Dillon.

Hello Larry, could you please look at my post above and give some assistance?

an air filter like for an air conditioner some sets have them by the lamps some don't.

All I see is a mirroe once I slide out the lamp. Should I be looking in a different direction?

I have a Sony Bravia KLV-32S310A and it blinks 6 times. Sony repair guy said it needs to replace the whole penal and it almost cost a new TV! Is it true that a new penal be replaced?



I have a Sony KP-53S70 when you plug in the tv the standby light blink once then stay on steady. Is there anyway to figure out how much it would cost to fix. Thank for your help.

I have a Sony KP-53S70 projection tv. The standby light blink once when the tv is plugged in then stays on. The tv does not come on only red standby light. Is it worth fixing this tv or just go out and buy a new one.

What does it mean when sony tv blinks 10 times?

I have a sony with 7 blinks, anyone with a solution to solving the issue would be appreciated.

My Sony KDL 52W4100 screen will only display white with lines running through it. It will not display the channel #, menu, or any information. Also the channel will not change but it does have sound.

i have a sony kdp-57ws550 and i have no pic or sound and the tv cuts off after 5 sec. the led blinks 10 times. reset tv and unplugged it for a few minutes. I still have no pics or sound but now the led blinks 5 times. please help

My Sony Wega HDTV kd36xs955 no audio or video on power up the Standy red led will flash 6 times, then repeat 6 over and over. I can unplug the tv for a day, and it will come up and work great. This has been happening every other day. The set is just 5 years old.

are the d-boards for the kdp-57ws550 really unavailable

Good evening.

I would really appreciate any advice/help from anyone, as it is two weeks till Christmas and not having a TV would be a disaster!

Basically, we have a 3 yr old Sony KDF-50E2010. When we turn it on, everything is fine for approx 5 mins (this can vary greatly, ie in the morning it may stay on for an hour), the all of a sudden the TV turns off and the 'blinking' occurs. It Blinks twice.

Having read the post at the top of the page it says: "Two blinks - B+ over current protection (OCP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 2 blink fault. Could be a short in the power supply of any of the circuits"

Being a "non technical" person, could someone explain, how I may be able to fix this problem?

Please, please help me. Regards Rob

I have a Sony KDF60-XPR950...My red light blinks 3 times. I have had this problem a few times before and I have always tried to mess with the lamp...I take it out and clean it all up...I put back...Usually this help and it works...well this time it seems like its not working. Any suggestions? Thanks .Tony

We have a Sony KDF-55xz955. I read above that 6 blinks on the standby mean that no horizontal (H stop). It tells what to check but this is greek to me. We just replaced the bulb a few months ago and I am concerned about the repair cost. We called someone but it is $97 just to come out and I was wondering what cost I am looking at on this repair. The repair place won't tell me anything until they show up. Please help. Oh FYI we purchased the TV October 2004. Thanks,Keela

My Sony Bravia KDL-40V3000 turns on for 2 seconds then turns off and the standby light blinks 13 times. What do you think is wrong?

I have a Sony Bravia KDL-40V3000 -- It turns on for 2 seconds then back off and the standby light then flashes 13 times. What does this mean?

hi guys, please help me ragarding to the problem of my tv, it shows 6 blinks, what is the possible cause of this 6 blinks? and what is the the diagnose of this? if i bring this to the repair shop how much it will cost? thanks and hoping your reply.....



hi guys, please help me ragarding to the problem of my tv, it shows 6 blinks, what is the possible cause of this 6 blinks? and what is the the diagnose of this? if i bring this to the repair shop how much it will cost? thanks and hoping your reply.....





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