Sony KP-46WT500 Convergence Repair

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Cutting pin 3 did the trick!!!  I'll do the fine convergence adjustment tonight when it's dark.

Thanks a lot!

I'm curious, are you an ex-Sony Engineer?


Larry Dillon
Nope, Not working for Sony,

Nope, Not working for Sony, But worked as an authorized Sony repair center in the past and being in the biz for almost 40 years, I have learned well on how to trouble shoot looking at schematics and what I am told about the set. I am glad you figured it out. you helped a lot by discribing what you did very well. As what you basicly did by connecting that pin 3 up to the capacitor was to mute that IC.  That pin is used in the Audio applications. Not when used as a correction Amp.

Hey Larry and others... 

Hey Larry and others... 

Can't thank you enough for helping with my set last fall!

 I recently got HD cable and fell in love with it all over again.  My family and friends with more expensive LCD & plasma sets were amazed with how crisp, clear (and artifact-free) the picture is.

And to think I almost kicked it to the curb!!!!

Thanks for helpin' "recycle!"

Electronic Geek
Electronic Geek said: Larry I

Electronic Geek said: Larry I'm also having convergence problems with our Sony kp46wt500. this seems to be the problem of all problems with this unit. Color out of wack ect. I won't bore you with all the details as you have heard them many time over. I am an electronic guy and enjoy fixing things, but I do need a shematic if you have one. Appreciate any help you can give. Email I will go off of the other post as for the location of the stk Ic's and pico fuses. You probably saved another sony from going to its grave prematurely. Thanks again   Tom


 Thanks for your quick response and the link to the thread. After really studying and looking over all of the boards for visual problems, I noticed part of the board was burned under the far right heat sink and several resistors are fried good and black!!. Yes, you guessed it, several picos are bad on the main board as well as on the power supply board. At this point, the damage to the board looks to be unrepairable but I have not completely removed the board to see the damage to the printed side. hopefully its not to bad and can be repaired. Worse case, I can etch my own little resistor board, jump to it and back to the main board bypassing the burned part. I haven't looked at a schematic yet to see if its possible. I have etched my own boards for various projects throughout the years. It's alot of trouble to save this unit though. If I can find a salvage Tv, it would be easier to remove the board and fix it. If you can think of any place to buy salvage parts for this model, that would be much appreciated. I will keep the forum and you informed as to the saga of this repair or not repair as I dismantle to see the full scope the the dammage. I'm supprised the Tv even comes on considering all of the bad and burned parts. It must be a decent unit and I'm partial to sony products. I praise this forum and Larry for all of the informative information provided for all of us electronic junkies to study and see.

I do strongly agree with Larry on several of the post on this forum. If you have no electronic experience and have no experience with Tv's, Please, Please, leave it to an expert. Your life is worth much much more than trying to save a few bucks in repair charges. The voltages in these TV's KILL, BE AWARE.

TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

Larry Dillon
PC, always always replace

PC, always always replace both IC's at once.

LUNGFIXER to forum and to forum and having similar problem (with blue only) on my KP46WT500.

I went into service menu and  chose self diagnostic option, I'm getting an error code on "Low B" which, according to manual, "Occurs when Set +5V is out".

I have no electronics experience other than building PC's (which normally don't KILL you), so I'm a rather reluctant to fix this on my own.  However, I have received three estimates from Sony-authorized repair centers, none of which was less that $500.  I'm not going to invest that kind of cash into an RPTV, so if I cant fix this on my own its going to Goodwill, Salvation Army or the dump.

I learn very quickly, and have excellent hand-eye coordination...can someone here provide photos of the "hot spots" to avoid so I can save this TV and my life?



Larry Dillon said: Smart man

Larry Dillon said: Smart man! Yes do get the right IC's for the job.  Also do not forget to install a new coating of heat sink compound on the back of the NEW IC's before you install them onto the printed circuit board.  You also may find out that after you replace these two IC's, the set has no big difference from what it looked like before.  DO NOT DISPAIR!  There are probably open feedback or return resistors or Circuit Protectors around the convergence ICs.  Take a multimeter and measure the plus and the minus 22volts DC on both IC's. The manual will show you where these points are.  Yes I will send you the service manual for this TV set, but you will need to go to and download the free software to open the manual. My e-mail provider, and possibly yours as well, will net allow me to send larger files via e-mail.  Good Luck with this repair and please let us know how the  repair works out for you.

Hello Larry.

Would you please send me the Service Manual for the KP-46WT500. I've downloaded the software as you had suggested. Thank you for all your help. Your site is very informative and has help me greatly.

Thanks again ,


[email protected] 

Larry Dillon
Thank you for those kind

Thank you for those kind words ,but this is not my site. I am an expert here along with several other very smart individuals that make up this great site. I seem to have misplaced or lost that manual. I will be searching and will post it in techlore's new technicians corner for downloading in the resourches tab. Good Luck

can someone please help me. i

can someone please help me. i have a sony projection hdt (kp-46wt510). i paid a hundred dollars for some tech guy to look at for two seconds and tell me that i need to replace the d board which is $150. I said to him "awesome," until he told me labor would cost another $450. I don't have the money so i'm trying any other way to fix it. I'm pretty stupid with handyman type stuff, but i replaced the screen when my crazy x girl put a comb threw it,so i'm feeling a little optimistic about finding a way to fix it. if someone could help i would really appreciate it. even if they would fix it cheaper for me or give me tips how to find and replace the d board. i live in port richey fl. near tampa. thanks, russ

Larry Dillon
The D board is really not

The D board is really not that hard to replace. There are several plugs you need to mark as you take them out and you will need to get a service manual for about 20 bucks or so from Once you have the D board out, you can go to, get the telephone number, find out how much they charge to overhaul the D board. Good luck

I would be happy to upload

I would be happy to upload the KP46WT500 Service Manual for FREE DOWNLOAD if someone here would help me troubleshoot or repair my problem (posted above).

Thank you.


I don't have the energy or

I don't have the energy or time to fix my Sony 46WT500 convergence problem, so if anyone lives in Connecticut and would like mine, let me know. A five year old tv shouldn't cost $500.00 or more to fix, it's just not worth it.


Larry Dillon
Dave, you need to read these


I have 40 years experience in troubleshooting/repair, and could probably fix my Sony KP-46XBR35 with the ample info in this forum.  I would still like to get an eCopy of the service manual of the closest thing you have to that chassis.  Could you please Pando me one or point me to FTP link?  thanks a bunch........... I am currently PM enabled, but have never used Pando before.

Larry Dillon
The service manual you want I

The service manual you want I cannot find and somehow was deleted. But the chassis used in this set is an RA-6 and the KP57HW40 uses the same chassis so the circuits are the same. The service manual for the KP57HW40 can be downloaded from the technician's corner here at techlore for free and is located Or on the home page, click on the resources tab at the top right, then on the technician's corner box, and you are there. Good luck

I think I'm going to pass on

I think I'm going to pass on the repair attempt. If anyone in the Dallas-Ft Worth area wants a free Sony 46" RPTV with a slight convergence problem, please email me and we'll arrange for pick-up.

Also, here is the link for the KP46WT500 Service Manual (in PDF format).

Larry Dillon
Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the service manual. I will be sure to upload it to the technicians corner for all to enjoy.

My little

My little contribution to a great website with invaluable info. Keep up the good work.


Larry Dillon
It is folks like you that

It is folks like you that make techlore a great place to visit and share our experiences.

I'm attempting a repair so I

I'm attempting a repair so I'll need to know how many picos are involved and the part numbers for the IC's.I'm taking the boards to a professional for the soldering.I noticed on Larry's repair to choose a higher number for the IC replacement ... has anyone tried the 180?

Thanks in Advance


Hi, I had a convergence

Hi, I had a convergence problem too on my KP-WT500, and thanks for the manual. I am trying to fix the problem following the helpful discussions I found here. I notice for my TV set, seems the problem only exists on Green. By getting into PJE, the fine grid of Red & Blue are fine, I had a large concave in bottom part of green, and some distort in upper-left corner too. I tried to using PJE Adj and fine grid adj only on green, but it is difficult to get it done. I checked the pico in D&G board and they seems to be fine. Since each of IC8001 & 8002 have half handling Green, and Red/blue are fine, I think the ICs might be fine. Any suggestions what might be wrong and how I should approach it? Thanks a lot!

Larry Dillon
The reason it is difficult to

The reason it is difficult to adjust is because you DO NOT MAKE adjustments to the set without first replacing BOTH convergence IC's. I really hope you wrote down all of the values before you went in and tried to make an alignment. If not, you could be looking at a very large headache when you try to re adjust the set once the IC's are replaced. The reason why the pico fuses are not blown is that the IC did not short out yet. But just because the fuses did not blow out does not mean the IC's are good.

I was wondering if you could

I was wondering if you could please send me a service manual for my sony model kdp-65ws550? Thanks for all of the help!

I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with mySony KP-46WT500.  I bought already IC's and I am wondering if anyone has the manual that they can send to me. If so, my email address is [email protected]. Last year I paid $350 to fix this issue and had warranty for 90 days only. There are great information on fixing this problem.  Thanks for your help!


Larry Dillon
That service manual can be

That service manual can be download for free here at the techlores technicians corner. Go to the home page, click on the resources tab at the top right of the page, go into the technicians corner and then click on view list of uploads. That service manual is there. Good Luck.

Larry Dillon said: Cool!

Larry Dillon said: Cool! Cool

Hi Larry, I'm experiencing a similiar problem as Brian17 and Saadat with my sony KP-46WT500 model. I'm in desperate need for the service manual and I've e-mailed a couple of the guys who are members on this site and I have yet to hear from them. If you happen to have it saved please e-mail it to [email protected]. Truly appreicate the information you've posted on this site and find it to be very accurate and extremely helpful.





Could you send the service manual to [email protected].


Larry Dillon
DUDE! Read the post!That

DUDE! Read the post!That service manual can be download for free here at the techlores technicians corner. Go to the home page, click on the resources tab at the top right of the page, go into the technicians corner and then click on view list of uploads. That service manual is there. Good Luck.

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Larry Dillon said:

Larry Dillon said:
No Dan, it is a weak design I guess. Not a lot that can be done to prevent it from happening again. But one thing for sure is to follow the proper guidelines from the types of IC's you use to how you install them. I will send you the manual as well as a link from a member here at techlore who will help you along the way and make the job easy to do if you have some know how and ingenuity. Good Luck.

So I fixed the TV about 6 months ago and have been very happy with it.  Even as early as this morning I was having a great time watching "Ice Road Truckers" on History HD.  Later on this afternoon I come home, flip on the stereo system and TV and what do you know, the problem has returned.  Should this have happened again after only 6 months?  Im pretty sure I bought good STK's.  I really was not looking forward to doing this all over again but I guess ill do what I have to.

Can anybody provide me with a place to buy the most reliable STK's?



Larry Dillon
Where did you buy them from?

Where did you buy them from? I buy mine from



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