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The Peek Email Device... Most Underrated Gadget Gift For 2008?

My email and I have a love/hate relationship.  As much as I love keeping in touch via email, I also feel an "obligation" to check it all the time, and it can interfere with my life sometimes.  Overall, staying connected is a net positive though, and my iPhone certainly makes it enjoyable and efficient.

Mobile Email for the Non-Geek

What about the "rest of us," though?  The non-geeky crowd who might not have ever even used a BlackBerry or iPhone, clutching their Moto RAZR's and entry-level Samsung candybar phones that they got for free years ago?  The folks who really want to stay in touch with their kids and more wired friends and family members via email, but avoid computers like the bubonic plague or door-to-door pamphlet peddlers?

Why Are Songs Disappearing From My iPod When I Sync?


As the resident "Mac guy," I feel a special bond with user Sherry D, who is having some problems with her iPod Nano and iTunes:

"I am following instructions to transfer my CD's to my iPod Nano, but my player is not picking up the songs.  I put the CD into the iTunes window, the songs show up on the computer, and I press "import."  The songs show they are downloading to the computer.  I transfer them to a playlist, and press "sync." The songs then disappear.  I try it both with auto syncing and manual syncing.  Sometimes all of my songs on the iPod are removed when I try to sync. Help!"

Best Sites and Apps For Reading News On Your iPhone

I'll confess... I've been a little obsessed with the news lately.  What with the recent presidential election and the ongoing financial disaster, it seems only natural to be more interested in tailing current events than ever.  It took a while for me to truly jump on board, but once I got all my RSS feeds up and running, synced with NetNewsWire, and ready to go, I'm a virtual dumping ground for all things headline. 

Tech, finance, and world news updates pour into my reader(s) faster than bailout money into AIG's coffers, and I can barely keep up.

That being said, I'm fortunate enough to possess one of the best mobile news readers around:  the iPhone.

Why I Might Just Re-Subscribe to Netflix (Hint: XBOX 360)

I was never a movie person.  Well, I don't mean it that way, in the sense that I never watched movies or didn't enjoy them - in fact - I enjoy movies immensely.

What I do mean is that in my "adult" life (when THAT started still remains subjective) I have spent relatively little time actually carving out a few hours on a regular basis to watch movies... until now.  The extent of my movie-watching experience usually extended to dates in theaters, which as you can imagine, didn't lead to me watching the movies I REALLY wanted to watch anyway.

Retro Game Review: Bionic Commando

I know I'm a little late for the XBOX Live party.  I was pretty reluctant to sign up for an account, partly because I don't want to get addicted and have another monthly fee on my account.  However, I remained intrigued by the prospect of the Live Arcade, since I love indie games and would eventually be interested in downloading some.  With the recent announcements of Braid and other hot indie games, I decided to check it out.



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