The Reigning King Of My Bluetooth World

Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more common than ever these days.  So common, that people often disobey common laws of courtesy, walking around with their headset attached to their ear like some sort of flashing plastic bio-genetic graft, pretending like they absolutely cannot afford to miss that important call from their buddy while they sit in the food court at the mall at 8:30PM munching on cheese fries and crappy pizza.

I really do my best not to annoy others with bad headset etiquette and avoid using a headset in public whenever possible.  However, I do find myself using my Bluetooth headset quite often at home or in the office, simply because I am far too ADD to have one of my hands taken up my holding my phone.  I am far more productive on a call when I'm using my headset.  Plus, it makes my arm ache.

I love my new gadgets and would consider myself an occassional early adopter, when it makes sense (and when the wallet is fatter than usual.)  In the realm of mobile headsets, however, I've chosen to kick it old school, and haven't upgraded my headset in years.

Make Way For the King of Bluetooth Headsets... 

The Logitech HS-01.

OK, OK, you're laughing now.  Yeah, it's ugly as all get out.  And big, too.  Kinda heavy, actually.  Just try to find some information on it... you won't, or at least I couldn't.  A few pictures and that's it.  I even had trouble finding it on Logitech's website.  

So it's not REALLY the "king" of headsets - this technology has come so far in the past few years - but in MY world, this little baby's royalty.  Here's why:

1.  It's Comfortable, And Actually Stays On

This headset, as big as it is, has an ingenious "hook" type mechanism that holds it to your ear just a little more effectively than other models I've tried.  It has never, never fallen off or out.

2.  Jam On It... Or Not

I really don't like stuffing things inside my ear-hole.  My ears are kinda sensitive to that sort of thing, especially when I'm moving around.  The HS-01 just has a relatively large speaker that sits comfortably against your ear, enabling to still hear through that hear while also hearing who you're talking to (or at.) 

3.  Ooo... A Free Case?  I Thought That Was Separate

The case it came with is pretty snappy and closes shut with authority.  It also doubles as a nice charging cradle.  Easy to throw in a suitcase or travel bag while protecting your headset, and it came with it.

4.  Can You Hear Me Now?

From what I hear from others (including my father, who is an audio engineer by trade,) the audio quality on the other end is fantastic, even compared to other modern headsets.  It probably isn't the best, but better than most $50 headsets out there today.

5.  It's Built Really Well, As Far As I Can Tell

It just feels SOLID.  The hinges are nice and tight, and the plastic is a hard, somewhat rubbery plastic that doesn't feel cheap at all.  It's heft also signifies a sturdy construction.  It's lasted for years and years through 3 or 4 different phones, and still looks brand new.  (The case doesn't, though; it's showing some yellowing on the plastic and wear as well.)

And the best part of all....

6.  People Look At You Funny When You Wear It

Yes, not only will you be on the forefront of wireless technology, you'll also look like the newest member of the almighty Borg. 

People will point and laugh at you like you left home without your pants on.

...I'll bet you a piece of crappy pizza on that.


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