Gadgets - room by room - #1 in a series

Where to start......

The kitchen!

I have lots of kitchen gadgets that I love. My favorites are my bunn coffee machine, my electric griddle (just because of its size, I can cook up to 8 pancakes at the same time, which really speeds up cooking) my stick blender (great for smoothies) and my George Foreman grill.

I like the George Forman grill, especially for bacon. It grills from both sides, and the grease drains away. It makes the bacon quickly, and very crispy.

I have a large size electric griddle, which gets more use than almost any other kitchen gadget I have. I like the fact that it is non-stick, cleans up quickly, and gets me out of the kitchen quickly. It was inexpensive (under $30 - on sale) and heats evenly the whole way across. This really helps me, especially during the winter when I cook indoors alot. With two teenage boys, it helps me keep up. When I had six of their friends over, I was able to keep ahead of them with french toast because I could cook 8 slices at a time.


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