I'm hooked...Knights of the old Repulic - Sith Lords

It has been a while since I got into a video game that I really liked. My son rented the most recent Star Wars Game, and he has been fighting to get it back from me ever since. He woke up this morning around 10 am, and wandered down stairs to find that I was already playing it.

I find as I get older (sigh) I like first person shooters less and less and role playing games more and more.

My all time favorite game is still Sonic the Hedgehog (though Tetris gives it a run for its money.)

The newest star wars game is great. You can move good or evil depending on your responses and actions. They have pretty good dialog choices. I also like the options to take a break and play a "game" in the game. I can play cards or drive race cars. (I have always liked driving games.)

The characters have well defined personalities, and you can pick up lots of gadgets that can help you on your way. My son has had the game for ten days and has not beaten it yet, which is a good thing. If he can beat it in less than a month, it is not worth the money to purchase it.

We will probablly end up buying this one.


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