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Gadgets room by room - The bathroom

Back to the kitchen.... I forgot one

The 94 degree weather has reminded me of another gadget that I LOVE...

I have a Brita water filter. I hate the taste of the water in my town, it really has a strong bleachy taste some times. Bottled water is expensive, so I bought a filter for my tap. It has a light on it that will turn red when it is time to replace the filter.

It really improves the taste of water, it also improves the taste of the cofee that I make with the water.

This is a great product I would reccomend to anyone who wants to improve the taste and quality of their drinking water.

TechLore Makes Adding Images Easy

As many of our members are well aware, The TechLore Team has been working hard to make improvements to the community since our launch last December. We've received lots of feedback from members who've asked for an easy way to add images to their forum and discussion posts.

We've listened carefully, and have added our new TechLore Image Tool to all discussion areas. This new tool allows you to upload as many images as you wish and post them into your response. Even cooler is that images are saved per thread, so even if you come back to a discussion a week later, all the images you uploaded (whether they were posted or not) for that thread or discussion will be there in the tool screen.

How To Add an Image

gadgets room by room - taking it outside

My favorite outdoor gadget is my Weber Gas Grill. I love that thing. I like having a gas grill because I can turn it off and on easilly without messing with charcoal, it cooks meat quickly and evenly, and a lot at one time. I can cook for a couple days at a time and have leftover steak, beef or chicken to cut into salads. I like to grill vegetables.

With the heat wave we had this weekend (it was over 100 degrees on Sunday) I got up early and grilled at around 6 am. This was effective, no one wanted to eat hot food. Also, it prevents heating up the kitchen from using the oven or the stove. I did all of my gardening while keeping an eye on the grill, and had enough meat cooked to cut up for salads and sandwiches for several days.

This is better than buying deli meats or lunchmeat because I can avoid as many additives as possible, and save money.

Gadgets - room by room - #1 in a series

I'm hooked...Knights of the old Repulic - Sith Lords

It has been a while since I got into a video game that I really liked. My son rented the most recent Star Wars Game, and he has been fighting to get it back from me ever since. He woke up this morning around 10 am, and wandered down stairs to find that I was already playing it.

I find as I get older (sigh) I like first person shooters less and less and role playing games more and more.

My all time favorite game is still Sonic the Hedgehog (though Tetris gives it a run for its money.)

The newest star wars game is great. You can move good or evil depending on your responses and actions. They have pretty good dialog choices. I also like the options to take a break and play a "game" in the game. I can play cards or drive race cars. (I have always liked driving games.)



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