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The amazing Digimax i5

Technically, the FCC is stocked with idiots.

The FCC wants to regulate cable and satellite. Ordinarily I'd provide linkage but a quick search with your favorite engine will provide any info you need. To wit, a "Keen Eddie" episode is being held up as an example of what not to broadcast to the American public.

What's being lost are two technological innovations that the FCC has pushed, in order to prevent "the children" from being damaged by adult content. The first innovation is v-chip tagging, the ratings system designed to work with the v-chip so that parents can block programming that doesn't meet their familial guidelines, whatever that means.

Your TV, then, would block out all programs tagged as "SL/V" or "sexual language/ violence", for example.

Weather-predicting clothes peg ???

Oliver MacCarthy, a student from Brunel University in UK designed an intelligent peg with simple forecasting equipment for weather prediction. So here's what it does. It senses when it's going to rain and blocks itself and cannot be used to hang clothes. A comic movie just crossed my (sick) mind. A person who sees that outside is begining to rain and goes outside in a rush to pick up the clothes preventing them from getting dirty againg. Tough luck because all the pegs refuse to let go to their precious "meals". Don't worry. It's just a prototype, but who knows... Anyway don't let your kids play with these things when it's about to rain. They could trap all sorts of body parts.

My favorite gadget? My Nokia 3650. Weird, functional.

Sound cancelling headphones, at the dentist office

I really like my dentist. I am very hard to numb, and very sensitive to pain. My dentist knows that I hate having work done, and have a miserable time with it. He has Bose sound cancelling headphones and some portable CD players floating around. I brought in my favorite CD (The Beatle's number 1 hits) and listened to that instead of the drill. It didn't totally ease the pain of the dentist, but the nitrous oxide didn't hurt any either.


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