The amazing Digimax i5

I recently bought a slim red i5 from Samsung. Oh joy!
This thing is incredible. I've tested T7 and T33 from Sony. I was impressed but i5 really leaves the two in the dust.I installed the battery and started the thing. My first thought was: "Damn! I need to buy at least a 256MB SD card. Then I just pressed the shutter button and here came the first photo (5 mp man!).

The LCD display is HUGE (2,5 inch) for a camera this small (3.5x2.3x0.7 in) and it's very bright and clear. In the up right corner was the surprise number. I got 24 more shots. Then I realised I got a 50MB internal memory. A blessing because I have only a 1GB CF card that I use when I test PDA's and other cameras.
This gadget has plenty of scenes and effects and the VGA movies at 30fps are just great. More about the advantages with other occasion. I better tell you what dissapointed me...
It's got a function and button called Safety Flash (SF). Samsung brags about it like it's a revolutionary thing. It actualy overexposes the image in low light conditions so you don't have to use the flash. OK, this thing is very good when you got a kid who gets scared by the sudden strike of the artificial sun. But I tried lots of times to get a clear photo without success. So the button is useless for me. Much more, I have to explain all the time to all of my friends what this does.
The other problem is the constant dirty LCD. Every time I use it I have to clean it because I can't stand a dirty LCD but that could be only MY problem and obsession. The lithium-ion battery holds for 90 minutes in continious usage. So it says in the manual and it is very true. So my next concern is to buy a second battery and a SD card for when I leave in holydays.
All together I've got a big 10 for i5 in the super-slim category. If you want to know more just ask.


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