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It's not just what you know...

Community is a tricky thing. If I'm just looking up some fact in a reference manual (and the manual actually has what I'm looking for), then I guess don't really need it. What I really need is a good manual, where "good" is defined as having the information I need, or a good author to generate the right manual in the first place.

Oh, wait! Got me! Maybe I do need more than the manual. Why? Because the "if" in the "if the manual has what I'm looking for" statement above is a pretty big "if". Isn't that your experience? It sure is mine. Laying aside the many other benefits of community, even in the context of knowledge sharing, there's something strong to be said for it.

Almost Done

The entertainment center is almost finished. Everything's plugged in through my new monster power center. My tower is back together, containing my new DirecTV receiver, which is now hooked up to my Media Center. Many of the TV's beautifully-digital inputs are happily occupied. I've watched parts of The Matrix and The Incredibles, and played hours of Dungeon Siege. Only a few tasks remain...

Today's the Big Day

It's on the way! It'll be here in a matter of hours! I raked some poor defensely Circuit City employee over the coals during the grand opening of a new store yesterday, got an amazing deal, and low-and-behold ... my new TV is ON THE TRUCK! Wahoo!!!

Now, finally, a real TV. After all these years. The upsides are innumerable, including (and I like this because I get to put something together) having to actually setup my entertainment center right.

So, that leads to all kinds of questions, and certainly led to a late night last night ripping apart my entertainment center and deciding which new extremely expensive cables I'd now ues, etc. It's led to a few questions posted to TechLore as well, such as... (please weigh in over in the forums)...

The End of an Era

Okay, I can't take it any longer. I have to get my new TV. The 27" CRT I have I got right after college, and because it's not "shiny", the rest of my entertainment center hasn't ever really gotten finished either.

So, here's the plan...



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