My Very Own Alternate Reality

I've studied long and hard, and I've finally graduated a level 4 engineer and a novice shipwright, Now, I find myself crafting new tools, even personal harvesters, like mad. I'm consistently producing more effective tools, and even find myself crafting stuff that's better than what you can buy on the open market. Might have to open a few shops of my own. But long before then, I need a couple new deep crust mineral mines and a higher-quality polymer that will put the finishing touches on the new shielding I'm trying to perfect for my Z95 -- but then, it's hard to imagine ever again digging up anything as good as the stashes of Ivio and Oparorcia I've got in my safety deposit box at Mos Eisley. But when I do, I'm throwing up a factory out on Dantooine (where the taxes are lower), and I'm a-gonna build X-Wings like there's no tomorrow.

So, I always knew I was an entrepreneur, but I had no idea I'd be so in TWO galaxies, not just one. If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, this is actually a realistic description of where my Mon Calamarian character is at in the game. He's studying to be a Master Shipwright and build space ships for a living. I'm a part of a clan (not a guild yet) who supply me with all the cash and weapons I need, as long as I build them the ships.

Now I know this all sounds a little insane, but for $30 for the game and $15/month for the subscription, you too could lose yourself in your very own alternate universe. This thing is as close to virtual reality as I've ever seen. I never thought I'd find a game more addictive than SimCity, but there it is. Not for the OCD-enabled among us, that's for sure.

Last two things... The picture? Yeah, that's me second from the left. And if you're ever on Dantooine, don't forget to stop by my place and visit. I live with my brother at the moment ('til I can afford my own place). Yes he's a Wookie, but I know he won't mind your stopping by. Turn right as you leave the shuttleport, around the lake, it's the house at the top of the hill. (I kid you not!)

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