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Today's the Big Day

It's on the way! It'll be here in a matter of hours! I raked some poor defensely Circuit City employee over the coals during the grand opening of a new store yesterday, got an amazing deal, and low-and-behold ... my new TV is ON THE TRUCK! Wahoo!!!

Now, finally, a real TV. After all these years. The upsides are innumerable, including (and I like this because I get to put something together) having to actually setup my entertainment center right.

So, that leads to all kinds of questions, and certainly led to a late night last night ripping apart my entertainment center and deciding which new extremely expensive cables I'd now ues, etc. It's led to a few questions posted to TechLore as well, such as... (please weigh in over in the forums)...

The End of an Era

Okay, I can't take it any longer. I have to get my new TV. The 27" CRT I have I got right after college, and because it's not "shiny", the rest of my entertainment center hasn't ever really gotten finished either.

So, here's the plan...

I have a dream about... authorized collaboration.

Knowledge management is more than just contributing, discovering and consuming content. Not only do I have to be able to store the right stuff, find the right stuff and learn from the right stuff, but what I am and am not authorized to see has to be managed. A platform like TechLore has to be intelligent enough to make sure that the right people see content and the wrong people don't. It's two halves of the same whole.

So, here's the vision... Imagine this platform as the solution to my company's knowledge management needs. Let's say my company is Widgets-R-Us, the leading maker of widgets in the fantasy of my own mind. Here at WRU, we know alot about widgets that we need to store and manage so that it can be effectively shared with the various makers and movers and shakers in our company. This is internal information. The TechLore platform can help with that.

I have a dream about... knowledge management.



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