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iPhone - Let the Attacks Begin

Apple's Mac OS X computers may not have a strong enough user base that the evil-doers on the Internet want to bother writing exploits and spy-ware, at least compared to the infinite number of Windows based computers. Why write code for millions of computers when you can write for billions?

However, Apple may soon find itself in the hacker spotlight thanks to the success of the iPhone. Word has it, that security experts in Baltimore said they found a "flaw in iPhone handsets that can be used by attackers to access private data stored on it".

The Movie Theater Experience

"Dinner and a movie", probably the most common entertainment outing for veteran and new couples alike. In fact, heading out to see the latest summer blockbuster is the one thing that people of all ages, from the youngest youngster to the most senior... senior, will agree is a great time. Except me. I stopped going long ago.

Micro SD - A Marvel of Modern Tech

I've seen a lot of gadgets in my day, even some of the coolest technologies ever made. Suffice to say, it's great when I pick up something that makes me think, "Wow." That happened to me today when I received the new memory card for my phone. I've got plenty of devices that take SD cards, and to me, there's nothing special about them. However, my new cell phone is the first device in my arsenal that takes Micro SD, a miniturized version of the SD card that's one of the most popular flash memory formats.


Sony's Redesigned PSP Underwhelms

The PSP train wreck continues for Sony. I've said it before (and I'll say it again), the PSP is successful when viewed only by the number of hardware units sold. When viewed from any other perspective, be it software sales, UMD movies, music, video, and pure customer satisfaction, it's a flop.

So what do you do when something is broken? You fix it, right? That's just what Sony tried to do. However, the latest series of hardware fixes in this "newly designed" PSP doesn't address what wasn't working for the flailing handheld in the first place.

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