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Xbox complaint

A little thing really.... The DVD player remote should be optional. We lose remotes all the time. (only to find them later, under the sofa, in the cushions, in the fridge)

The sony playstation will let you play DVD's using the controlers.... Microsoft would never let you do something that simple or FREE.


What do you watch?

When it comes to television, I almost don't belong here. I haven't had an antenna hooked up in over a year (with an exception for the Super Bowl, which I didn't watch). I don't have cable. I don't have satellite.

I do have a TV (4 in fact, 3 are dedicated to video game systems)

My tv is in front of my treadmill. Until recently, I had the freedom pass at Blockbuster. I liked it, no late fees, up to 3 movies out at any time, Just under $30.00 per month.

I recently switched over to Blockbuster online. I like to watch some TV shows, but since I work second shift I miss the shows I want to watch. The nice thing about blockbusters online service is that they have all the TV series I wanted to watch and missed.

So I have it set up with up to 5 movies out at any time, and as soon as I send one back, I get another.

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Cell phone complaints....

I have been suffering from extreme frustration with my cell phone solution.

I have the Cingular familly plan. The service itself is fine, but the basic phones I got with the plan just STINK. I got the basic Sony Ericsson model last June. I have had to replace phones several different times, and have another one that is dead.

I talked to cingular and they gave me permission over the phone to just go into a store and upgrade to a new phone.

When I got to the store, the only way they would let me upgrade was with a new two year agreement.


I am so incredibly frustrated with these phones, I don't know if I want to continue with Cingular. I am almost ready to pay the money to cancel my contract to go with someone else.


I just want my phone to work.

Heart Rate Monitor

The more you work out, the more efficient you become, the less calories you burn. What to do, what to do?

I am a big fan of heart rate monitors. They help keep you honest when you exercise. They can help you make sure that your warmup is really a warmup, and know when you have cooled down enough.

One of the main reasons for getting a heart rate monitor is to watch the effort that you are producing. As you train, you become better at what you are doing, and you have to work harder to see results.

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