Review of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC -P41

Bearing in mind that I am only a so-so photographer, I love the camera. I use it to take shots of my kids for my scrapbooks. I am very comfortable handing it to my children and letting them play with it (13 and 14 year olds.)

I have used it a lot over the last few weeks; I took pictures at my son's birthday party, my older son's graduation, and playing around in the park.

Things I like
1.) Light weight
2.) Battery lasts a long time
3.) Great display, very informative
4.) Holding the button down half way before taking a picture does a nice job auto focusing.

The pictures turn out great and print well.

Things to be aware of:
It seems to work better in shade/partial shade than full sun
This is a digital STILL camera -not ideal for motion (though you can do bursts of 4 shots)

What I wish it had - physical instead of digital zoom. If you use the digital zoom, you loose quality in the final picture. Pictures taken with the zoom are very grainy. It is better to use the camera without the zoom and photo editing software to crop what you want.


If you are looking for an inexpensive (under $200.00) camera, this is a good solution. If you are a big Sony fan and have a Sony computer, clie, or other equipment that can use the proprietary memory chips, this camera is the way to go (I have a lot of Sony stuff) Otherwise, not bad, but the memory for other cameras is cheaper. HP and Kodak both make good entry-level cameras with the cheaper memory.

Due to the memory cost 4/5 stars.


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