What do you watch?

When it comes to television, I almost don't belong here. I haven't had an antenna hooked up in over a year (with an exception for the Super Bowl, which I didn't watch). I don't have cable. I don't have satellite.

I do have a TV (4 in fact, 3 are dedicated to video game systems)

My tv is in front of my treadmill. Until recently, I had the freedom pass at Blockbuster. I liked it, no late fees, up to 3 movies out at any time, Just under $30.00 per month.

I recently switched over to Blockbuster online. I like to watch some TV shows, but since I work second shift I miss the shows I want to watch. The nice thing about blockbusters online service is that they have all the TV series I wanted to watch and missed.

So I have it set up with up to 5 movies out at any time, and as soon as I send one back, I get another. They scan the barcode as soon as I mail back the DVD, so they know they have it as soon as it has been sent, and the next movie is on its way.

I have really enjoyed this service. I get movies, new releases and old favorites that the local Blockbuster does not carry. I also get TV shows that the local Blockbuster doesn't carry.

Recently I have been working my way through Buffy, Angel, Tru Calling. Next I have the Twilight Zone originals comming.



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