Digital Cameras Vs. Film - some thoughts

I love my digital camera. I will never go back to film. BUT.... there are some things to consider when going digital....

1.) If you are a casual photogropher (no special lenses, point and click, don't really know what you are doing) Digital is probably the way to go. I print about 1 out of every 10 shots I take. I really like the ability to instantly see how a shot turns out, and the ability to store all of my work on my computer.

2.) Printing cost is less expensive with digital, because you only need to print the ones you want to keep.

3.) Memory is getting cheaper, so stock up! I have a midrange camera and an old cheap digital that still works. I got my first digital camera on clearance for around $50.00 a couple of years ago. It was a 1 megapixil hp...I think (I don't have it right in front of me) It was great, still is. My son was interested in taking photos, and was into quantity. I couldn't afford to develop all that he took. Now I hand hime the old camera (I bought it a memory card that was more expensive than the camera) and he can take up to 400 pictures. I like being able to hand him the camera and tell him to go wild, have fun, take pictures.

3.)Film advantages- in a word MOVEMENT. The major problem with at least the low end digitals is the delay between pressing the button to take the picture, and the picture actually being taken. (I have gotten a few interesting pictures because of this, one is attached to this document. It is Kitty, I took the picture when she was trotting toward me, and she was almost knocking me over before the picture actually went through.)

4.) Stuck on film? Have it developed to a CD as well, or exclusively, then you can share pictures on the web, and print your own.


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