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Sony Convergence Repair(My Sony TV has a distorted picture)


There has been a large amount of chatter on Techlore about Sony convergence ic problems. Luckily Most Sony projection tv's no matter what model you have should be similar to my explanation below, Since Sony rarely fully re-engineers a tv what I am about to say will apply to most Sony projection TV's.  A service manual is generally not needed to perform the repair.

 WARNING! If you don't have any electronic experience this is not for you, I assume no liability for any harm that may come to you or your tv. Perform this procedure totally at your own risk. High Voltages exist in your tv and on the boards I am going to talk about, and can have high voltages on them even after the tv is unplugged.

What has happened to your tv:

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Power Surge

Power surges can come from many sources and I have found that even modern televisions are prone to damage. Being a repair technician I see my share of power related problems. Most television power supplies will have some form of surge suppression built in. But, in practice it has been little help.  Televisions have two primary entrance points for a power surge; one is through the power cord, and the other is through the antenna connector(s), other possible entrances  but not often causing a power surge, will be through the aux inputs.



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