3D TV, do you need one?

Several years ago back in the late 90’s a great new technology for your computer.   it was  awesome 3d technology,  just as good as the new 3d tv’s are today.  They used shutter glasses and an ir emitter to synchronize the shutter glasses with the image being displayed, just as they do today.  They only had a dongle attached to a monitor and some software to produce the 3d image. The monitor its self was just a simple off the shelf monitor that you could purchase anywhere. The key was the hardware driving the monitor.


So then why can’t we buy a 3d blu ray player and connect it to our hd television and see 3D? Personally I believe it has to do with marketing. They want to sell new televisions even to people who just purchased that new flat panel television, so to drive business you now need a 3D tv to view 3D pictures, it sounds logical and easy to sell. After a while when the market becomes saturated they will start producing “new” technology that will allow you to watch 3D movies on your old non-3D set.

The Technical reason that you can’t do it now is that the 3d Blu-ray players don’t have the attachment to transmit to the shutter glasses the tv has this part.



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