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First 1080p DVD player?

Seems like the Marantz DV9600 DVD player is the first to deliver 1080p high definition video signal. There are a few HD projectors on the market that could make a good team with this one like Fujitsu LPF-D711 ( The Marantz player also converts the DVD standard images into 720p and 1080(i or p; doesn't say) HD quality which is pretty interesting.
Only 2100$ (ouch!)
All the specs are here:

Another T from Sony

Here you go! Another slimline Sony digital camera.
DSC-T9 looks just like T7 but has 6MP instead of 5MP. Same 3x Carl Zeiss lens but 58MB of internal memory. My call is that in this department Sony learned from Samsung Digimax i5, and from my experience those internal MB are very welcome.
Sony sais that T9 is the first (in the slimline category to offer both Super Steady Shot optical image stabilization and high light sensitivity (ISO 640)).
450$ is a very nifty price if you consider to buy a sexy small foto genius in your pocket to impress the girls.
Comes in black and silver and you can preorder it from

Just like in the airport

Well how about this EZ Faucet? It transforms your usual contact sink into a perfectly clean wash. It has an infrared sensor that senses your hands or whatever crosses it's "viewing" path and turns on the water. Just like in the airport faucets. I actually read the manual of this thing and it sais you can adjust the temperature and pressure of the water so we're all set. In about 5 minutes with a not so fancy wrench included in the package.
Only 70$ at smarthome. If it really works you can call yourself a washing hi-tech freak.
I just imagine a curious pet that has a really crazy surprise walking by the sink.

The amazing Digimax i5

Weather-predicting clothes peg ???

Oliver MacCarthy, a student from Brunel University in UK designed an intelligent peg with simple forecasting equipment for weather prediction. So here's what it does. It senses when it's going to rain and blocks itself and cannot be used to hang clothes. A comic movie just crossed my (sick) mind. A person who sees that outside is begining to rain and goes outside in a rush to pick up the clothes preventing them from getting dirty againg. Tough luck because all the pegs refuse to let go to their precious "meals". Don't worry. It's just a prototype, but who knows... Anyway don't let your kids play with these things when it's about to rain. They could trap all sorts of body parts.



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