The perfect gadget

I don't know about you, but I'm a smoking coffee- drinking zombie in the morning. I just dreamed of pushing a button and a cool tool could make everything for me... including breakfast (which by the way I never have). So there we go! Back to Basics made Egg & Muffin Toaster. You probably think that this thing boils eggs and warms muffins. It actually does a lot more.

It makes toast, boils 4 eggs, fries or scrambles an egg (separately), and warms a slice of bacon, sausage, or salami. Instead of toast you can stick in muffins, bagles or croissants... ALL at the SAME TIME. So you push a button (like in my dream, remember?), and in 4 minutes you have a big morning treat. BUT... it has such a huge downside. IT DOESN'T MAKE COFFEE! This is outrageous!

It will cost you 50 bucks at

I wait for your comments. Do you want one? Does it help you? Would you buy it?


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